Uh, zaubertrank means potion. Sorry for the blunt force, Sean. Nick was more concerned over Hank’s date because, as a men usually do, he brushed off his own emotional issues, and focused on his friend. Watch Now With Prime Video. I was held up. You’re the one who set this up.

We had a double homicide. Look, Nick, you’re a great detective. Renard’s family wants that power. You should be used to that by now. Must have been pretty tough at the law firm. So just warn him off her, dude. Anyway, you don’t want to hear about that.

She’s in Forest Park.

Grimm S01E17 – video dailymotion

I liked this episode too How could one possibly re-socialize her otherwise? You’re lucky I didn’t rip your throat out.

Whatever you want to call it. You know, this is the office.

Well, all I can say is this detective is one lucky guy. Edit Did You Know? But that grmm me to a bigger question. It might help him to make THAT decision.

Those who don’t will be forgotten. Since we all know Nick is hiding about the Grimm stuff, Nick knows he has to tell her or About Nick and Juliette, we don’t know how cool they really are.


And what have you done to my partner? Not a single phone call on it. Mummy Dearest and Renard just showed their true colors.

I’ve got to talk to you, okay? I didn’t know that was against the law. You’re in a very stressful job.

Grimm S01E17 – Love Sick

Gfimm, those who help will be remembered and rewarded. There’s an old fable dating back to the middle ages about an anthropomorphic fox called Reynard. From deeply in love to deeply dead. Some of us actually put some thought into what we do before we do it.

But I’m taking it that way. Very good call on that one.

He looks like Clark Kent clone, that’s been told he’s Superman but doesn’t know what to do about it. Let’s just see if it works first. Oh, no doubt there are MANY ways to fanwank it http: Either way, I see many possible explanations for the fact that he hasn’t shown a creature side grumm himself. I should have gone with him. Could she have done something to him?

As if you could have.

Grimm S01E17

Also, we don’t know how much time has passed since last episode. Sometimes Adalind has a mind of her own. I suppose you had to hire some new lawyers.


Trivia The opening quote and loose plot come from the fairytale “The Donkey Cabbage”. I mean, if you go for that obviously hot thing. You know, plus, how do you tell your partner he’s dating a witch? You’re the one who set this up. Instead she was power killed. That would be an interesting twist. I mean, this could watcb kind of awkward. I didn’t set it up. Topic is a specific subject of discussion.

How did she know? My butt is on its way. You don’t date a Hexenbiest lightly. I have been wattch about that. I would like to see more Rosalee and Munroe because, well, they are fun to watch as Nick is so clueless to his “Grimm” job.

And as a good male, Nick is avoiding the problem until he has no choice but deal with it, that is, until he is forced to tell her the truth.