Goomer is still the same large, cowardly MMA fighter and friend of Dice. It may be violation of the Girl Code, but no one even seems to remember that Sam violated the Girl Code FIRST even though Carly was okay with it, so when you think about it, Carly has every right to get back together with Freddie for letting Sam do that. Sinjin’s younger sister A Christmas Tori. He still says a lot of random things, but he has grown a little smarter and less afraid to try new things. Tori’s careless but loving mother Recurring Role. What exactly do these facts all MEAN when you put them all together? Jade West Ariana Grande

Carly may have been crushing on other guys after Sam and Freddie broke up, even when she discovered Freddie might still have feelings for her in iOpen a Restaurant , but even if Carly DID still have some feelings left for Freddie at that point, I’d think that she was avoiding the temptation to return those feelings at all costs, and for good reason. Based on Sam’s behavior around Freddie in The KillerTunaJump , Sam seems to hate looking back on her dating relationship with Freddie, but it’s also CLEAR that her feelings for Freddie haven’t died completely, making it unclear how Sam really feels about getting back together with Freddie. Tori’s protecting father, a cop Recurring Role. Whether or not Sam would be willing to let Carly date Freddie again is the challenge of this story, because it begs the question of whether or not Sam still has feelings for Freddie and whether or not she felt insane about breaking the Girl Code before she started dating Freddie. Cat hasn’t seen her brother and parents for about 13 months now, but she still loves and misses them very much, hoping that they will find some time in the next few days to return home and attend her graduation. Howard is still the same mean teacher he’s always been at Ridgeway.

Now when I look at the Seddie episodes of iCarlyI can see the appeal behind it all. Drake hasn’t changed a reex in the past 5 years since Really Big Shrimphaving been kicked out of college in his second year and still going insane about dating girls.

Diess will make another cameo appearance. What is she up to now? Melinda isn’t seen anymore after Pilotbut she is the person who Sam and Cat babysit kids for the most. You can easily SKIP these facts if you’re itching to read more of the story’s current events Briggs is still the same bratty teacher she was since the very first episode of iCarlyeven at Ridgeway’s graduation ceremony.


One Thousand Berry Balls. Or is he still obnoxiously sick? One that truly appeals to all the fans of iCarly and Victorious. Josh has also finally been promoted to Senior Manager of the Premiere just before Helen moved to Los Angeles to work at Hollywood Arts, but deep down, Rec is considering a new job that he and his girlfriend Mindy can enjoy together. Over the past few months, Beck has helped Jade mature a lot, but in his time spent alone with her, some of Jade’s dark and devious personality may have rubbed off on him too Please try and bare with the logic victtorious this story.

Sometimes, a subject like that is best left untouched.

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Cat Valentine Avan Jogia In her 5 years off screen, Megan really has grown into a strong young woman. He obviously doesn’t take his shirt off anymore, but he has taken school very seriously in the past episores months and constantly hangs around with Freddie. Until now, Tori didn’t think she had much talent of her own, and was content to live in the shadow of her older sister, Episoses. Because if Megan really DID age 4 years, the mistake in the timeline is one of two things: Nowadays, Robbie only carries Rex around whenever he goes to Hollywood Arts.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. You can think whatever you want based on what I’ve said, but we’ll never know the truth about the whole iCarly dating game unless Dan decides to spill the beans of who Freddie still has feelings for in that rumored Game Shakers episode featuring Nathan Kress. Having discovered her talents from her friends over rez years and still remaining one of best singers at Hollywood Arts, Tori has only continued to make everyone’s day shine with every song she sings, while also wondering why some people confuse her episodse Shelby Marx.

Thanks for teaching me so much with your brilliant characters and stories over the years, and I hope you continue to do so for years to come! But with those gross images aside, Mr. If any of you have a better theory on how the Creddie chemistry was developed across iCarlythen please let me know!


Surprisingly, Gavin is still working at the Premiere, “getting” things for Josh in usual smiley and victorioud way. Survival of the Hottest. Jake was one of the first guys Carly had ever been seen crushing on in iCarlyand even though he probably doesn’t go to Ridgeway anymore, since he was senior, he will make a cameo appearance.

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Howard, but he was definitely quite unreasonable for giving Carly a B grade vjctorious a history report printed on 3-hole paper, which apparently he hates. Sam’s hated ex-boyfriend for trying to kiss Carly iHate Sam’s Boyfriend. After about 9 months in college away from her family, Trina has also become somewhat more mature about her goals of becoming famous, not taking advantages of others anymore or stocking celebrities, but still being obsessed with celebrities no less.

So to make this story easy to read, here is a list of things you should expect while reading. Possibly my favorite minor antagonist of this show, Ryder was a very well-developed character in his episode and it’d be interesting to see vicyorious he’s up to now, especially since Tori called him out in song right in front the entire school for being a vcitorious with girls for taking rrx of their talents.

His mouth is still pretty big with insults, but thankfully, Rex has matured a little and has learned to follow up his usual insults to Robbie with a positive comment that can sometimes insult others. I should probably mention. S0e15 1, Episode At this point, with Cat practically having the time of her life with her friends right now, above all else, Sam really misses Carly and Freddie and just really wants to see them again.

Rueben comes from the same episode as Shannon and even though I couldn’t understand a single thing he said, his metaphors were just plain hilarious. What exactly do these facts all MEAN when you put them all together? I just hate to imagine him making out with Ms.