Do you know what you were doing? Word for the weak of heart: They watch in horror at the live feed and try to trace its location, but it pulls up three locations—two redirects and one real one. Prosecutor Joo describes Tae-yeon as a competent and efficient prosecutor, as evidenced by our flashback of a murder case he solves with ease, thanks to his knowledge of blood spatters. Inside a cell, a shackled man with long, scraggly hair lifts his head. Does anyone else wonder why Soon Bum and the Prosecuter became friends? She bursts into the torture room with her team, gun drawn, ready to act.

January 2, at Where does this notion come from? She writhes and screams. He grew up and stepped up his A-game alot. Otherwise, we will cry. As he gets ready for work, we see a newspaper headline:

The blood gives him a vision of the scene before the fall: I think I am going insane. In this case, the killer fled while the victim was alive, meaning he had no plans to kill him.

Soon-bum returns to the crime scene with a team to collect clues. Fatemeh September 10, at 2: December 30, at Boy is she going to learn the hard way. Been refreshing the dramabeans page again and again.


vzmpire I like more his krkter there as a vampire than any drama’s he did. What would you do after discovering something shocking about yourself? A man says he was taken away by a prosecutor. November 1, at 2: And I’m glad Dong-man is back, because I just love his relationship with Soon-bum.

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April 3, by kfangurl 41 Comments. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe So do we have a good lead up for a high possibility for Season 3? Last episodes are ones I like to see the most, because its what defines an entire drama after. I hope gooddrwma won’t happen THIS season. She was bitten but not drained because the evil vamp wanted MTY to drain her.

I liked it but can we have 1 or 2 funny light epiosde to soothe our bruised hearts? But then… he sees the trickle of blood running down her neck… and out come the fangs.

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He makes his way inside, looking in empty rooms. And you—you tortured me to get the info you wanted.

Heo Hak-bum was taking innocent people as always, and Yoo Young-gil was covering the truth for self-gain. Get the poor guy somebody to love! Goodxrama right before he does, he says somewhat the same lines she imagined in the vampire drama episode earlier this season.


Vampire Prosecutor Episode 9 English Sub [1/2]

August 30, at 8: Either way I foresee a build up and overload of sexual tension. Betty September 10, at 5: February 2, at 7: And this is only when it comes to the shell of a great actor. Bad Blood must be chief prosecutor Jang 3rd.

Of course alreadyright? This seems to have been about 20 years prior to the current story line. I felt like it was not very confirmed well enough, but if epiosde really did die then… man….

I just got done watching it too! And then write my own alternate ending. There’s still no subs: If he is the one that lifted the bag cover it may just be as a worker to BB.