Another Jessica October 27, at 1: I asked you in the US too. The scene with his mother was very poignant. As long as it is not Young Do giving her trouble about it Eun Sang can handle the rest anyway. I can only hope they can connect and work towards an understanding. However, my problem is that The show spends so much time on The crying that it seems that she doesn’t do anything else. Just saw this and made another post that would have been better-placed here. And reading a ‘Thank you’ comment once in a while does not take away from my experience.

As long as it is not Young Do giving her trouble about it Eun Sang can handle the rest anyway. I see a lot of people complaining about the acting, but here’s news, folks–you can’t cook without ingredients. In a nutshell, this scene tells us: Oluchi October 10, at 5: Jenn November 14, at 3: He is so cute.

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But ultimately he ended up taking his advice and living easily, not thinking about too much. I was seeing behind or below his veneer, and I was moved by how vulnerable he looked. Romantically the writer told us yesterday not to expect a Young Do-Ra Hel coupling but there are still 9 episodes left and anything is still possible.

Also Hheirs just love Eisode because she just really pulls you to her. I also think Tan’s feverish stalking is hilarious, because he doesn’t give off pscho vibes, like Young Do. Was anyone else bothered by this?

He tries to lend a friendly hand of comfort, and Eun-sang passes by to see them together. Both teenagers sulk in silence while their parents chat pleasantly, occasionally letting out a scoff or sneer. He’s been living with no thought for 3 years, and suddenly has to grow up and get serious if he wants to have love and protect someone his family will not accept. Krystal Jung Main Cast. But I take solace in the thought that you are dramaffire these amazing people on my behalf as well.


That drew an image for me that I could immediately visualize, and I liked that analogy, and found it interesting, especially because YD’s eyes actually didn’t move that much. I have to be honest! ES apologizes, and Won reassures her that he is not yelling at her. It keeps going around, and yet nothing really happened. I see where you are getting at tho. Home, Yoon and CY talk and make heis together.

I would really like it if your themes come true, especially the friendships. Even so, this engagement albatross is, while necessary as a point of conflict, becoming a bigger and bigger narrative drag. Tru2u October heids, at 8: This is a whole other layer on the already precarious house of cards.

I see flashes of promise here and there, in between the parade of stars and starlets, poking its head out from behind the wall of embarrassing English.

Ddramafire, I will leave the drama until the middle run of its course and then comeback to see how the story develops. On her way home, Eun-sang gets caught in the rain and pauses under an awning, where the dreamcatchers in the storefront catch her eye and bring a smile to her face.

DayDreamer October 10, at 6: Tan got into a fight in school. I personally love PSH in this role, as well as all the characters. One could see the emotions in them however. This started out as silly and as fun as the premise suggested: LOL you heisr see these terrible random people in any American series.

Gidget November 14, at Thank goodness he was able to transfer to another school. I think the main pair are starting out on a different foot than other main couples in similar set-ups.

What do you do when you reach the top? And some of the insights that JB and GF have given on dramas have actually helped me look at issues in my life differently.

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Joy October 10, at And many people who enjoy her heigs don’t even think she’s that pretty. Dramafier think it’s the only way he knows to show affection as misplaced as it is.


Actually it does end sort of well, but there is a lot of not-so-well in between. You should watch season 1 of Hana Yori Dango, there’s no English in it and it’s really good. Notify me of new comments via email.

He can have another great girl. Sometimes writers write stories wherein art imitates life.

The Heirs (2013)

Jealousy Incarnate watch here. So many mother issues in this drama. I often forget to convey that. I have to say though that the beginning felt somewhat rushed and scattered. Till now I couldn’t see nor the previous KT, nor the new one.

She replies with an answer really quickly. Our heroine has two lonely guys following her around, each reaching out to her in their own way. Eun-sang cries that if at all possible she wants to move schools and homes.

In a way his acting seems to calm and composed for a teenager boy who just came dramafife to face the past and who has to fight the windmills. I tried reporting this through official lines but since I got no feedback AND only further escalation of cramafire issue, I’m just going to post this; this being my last post and heurs to DB.

I’d laugh because this comment is quite funny but don’t go insulting my future husband again. Written before live recap What is a girl to do? Remember when she was filling the form, she wrote her mother was a ‘housewife’ instead of a ‘housekeeper’ because she is ashamed like how she was ashamed that her mother is doing sigh language in the street in ep1.

In the wee hours, they head back to camp, tone episde to light bickering.