Nothing, of course, goes to plan. We really felt for these characters and we were sad to see them go. What were some of the hardest cuts you had to make and how did they influence the shape of the story? I presume radio production is a fraction of the cost and could be funded by Kickstarter. Essentially you want them to stay the same, but to reveal more facets to their personalities as they get a body of experience behind them. The downside is that she is being powered by Frigg; when Frigg returns to Asgard, Sjofn will go with her and Michele will die. It was a satisfying development — not just one that mirrored the earthquake in the original pilot, but one that lent gravitas to the reflective moments that followed.

These people are professionals who know that the anticipation and the speculation is a huge part of the fun of a show like this. It felt as though it took that near-cancellation to really understand the story they were telling and how best to tell it for a television audience. She was forced to leave her work in the hands of the utterly and hilariously incompetent Olaf. There aren’t any surprises here and it’s a little heavy-handed on the moralising. Things were wrapped up so beautifully in the finale, so what hope is there for a series 4? Axl goes home with a six-pack and pizza, to deliver to Zeb. Yes, it sneers at role-playing gamers, but then throws in a fight scene that is quite fun as well without going over the top. Bragi is reunited with his Idunn.

Have to confess we never pondered this. And Michele is still alive despite being hit in the head with a hammer. Can you tell us more about that workshop?

Mike’s family drama is actually quite heartfelt and gives the episode its backbone. Worldwide snark would never recover without Michelle.

The Second Take

Anders, on the other hand, has absolutely no moral qualms about steering a PR scandal to his own advantage and manages to come out on top almost despite his own actions. However, I guess there is a subconscious thing going on of trying to find characters that reflect the world you are living in at any given point in time.


Julie to the white courtesy genetics phone! Dawn and Ty relentlessly worked through the eventuality, ensuring that he would have her to return to. Every now and then we would bring in a guest writer — Nick for Ep. An all too brief moment with Anders had Colin teasing him about being a clientless PR man without the magic behind the PR.

Their combined blood drips onto the Asgard rock under their feet — which flares to life with a rune and then a torrent of white light.

Which I found a lot of pleasure in. Brooke Williams as Eva.

Let me start with Mike and Hannah. Michelle Langstone as Michele.

Above and beyond that, however, Zeb has no Godliness at all, so there was no Freki gene lurking within him. The downside is that she is being powered by Frigg; when Frigg returns to Asgard, Sjofn will go with her and Michele will die.

Nina Wellsour DP, our camera operator was just superb. Sara Wiseman as Helen. Someone suggested the other johnsns that a movie might be an option, but I am not sure about that. When they walk off, she walks off with Mike. Both of them need to move past that and get on with the living bit. Oh, and having Dean for an entire series helped — even if it meant writing his stupid beard in and out.

My review of the season premiere compared the return of the show to that of srason person who just experienced a near-death experience. His blood and hair stained hammer that Martin smacked Michele with.

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Keisha Castle-Hughes as Gaia. There are some exposition-heavy scenes and the final sign that marks Axl’s rebirth as Odin is a bit of a stretch, but for the most part it’s fun enough. Hunting Reindeer on Slippery Rocks. In the clearing, Martin is tied between 2 trees — where Heimdallr stands as guardian of the Bifrost.


Yes, Heimdall just blew his rsview, the herald of Ragnarok, using a CD player. See also my reviews of Season 1 or Season 2.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The dramatic scenes – especially those portraying the end of the relationship between Mike Tim Balme and Michele Michelle Langstone in the last few weeks – were more intensely emotional, written and performed more cleverly, than ever before.

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We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify te account. Axl finds his sense of right and wrong confused revview Olaf’s latest conquest shows up pregnant. We did do the web series: Not necessarily Auckward Love turning into a movie. Ty meets and falls for his first Goddess. Kwan and rent payments coming out. The big reveal about Freya’s identity sets up the show nicely for some family angst in any second season, but it is to be hoped that there can be a little more God action in there as well.

We worked it for a day and then at the end of the day the network people came in and we read it teview them, so they could hear it off the page.