Rosewater in Kurt Von Mrs. Striking likeness Striking player String player? In cowhouse, dairymaid was milking In crib, a beautiful young child In crowd In cubbyholes In cursory comments old boy gets cattier somehow about princess In custody In danger In danger 2 wds. Division of the school year Division of the year Do Do – political group Do a critic’s job Do agricultural work Do battle with foreign noble blocking Frenchman’s return Do better than Do right cutting wages Do, e. Instrument found at the S Instrument from a record hidden at either end? If your word has any anagrams, they’ll be listed too along with a definition for the word if we have one. Inspired kind of thinking Inspired stuff Inspires reverence in Inspiring act the Bard unceasingly revised Inspiring address Inspiring great affection Inspiring laughter primarily, bomb as children’s author Inspiring one Inspiring reverence Inspiring sisters Inspiring sound Inspiring wonder Inspiring word Inst.

Challenge Challenge for Jack and Ji Challenge for the wheelch Challenge, metaphorically Chance to play Chance to play in a game Chance upon confrontation Change colors Change direction Change stage act Channel Chaps receiving help recovered from unproductive bowling spell Chapter’s partner Characters offering help below mountain height Charades, e. Ice cream as still life? It encourages travel by train Trouper Trump Trumpet, e. There will also be a list of synonyms for your answer. Bird sound, piano and song – it’s murder! A dead one looks like som A diamond ring turned up in the end?

A dead one looks like som A diamond ring turned up in the end? Shepherd’s pie ingredient Shilling in purse vlue stake Shindig Ship’s first trip Shipboard title: Not any more Initially appearing lively, outgoing, now extremely solitary Initially archbishop promotes ecclesiastical primate Initially attend chief Initially blue, in the sense of depression Initially bored as you view US TV series Initially brassed off with students getting extra money Initially brought from river on island, bones Initially censor’s unlikely to make xlue Initially deputy head keeps register: In grandfather’s case, a regular swinger In grass, sex with Victor’s given new vitality In great demand In great disfavor In great numbers In great shape In Greece, plain old folly ultimately, politician inspired by cheat no end In group, oddly gain by taking revenge In groups In harm’s way In harmony In harmony with the environment In Harry Potter books, no In haste In headlinese, say In heaps In heat?

Instantaneous Instantly Instantly fry Instantly memorable Instantly, after “in” Instantly, for short Instantly, so it’s said Instants Instead Instead of Instead of sex, likely to get a cule Important test Important times Important times exciting most men Important to welcome leader in Nigeria, an African Important trials Important viewpoint mangled by Spooner as food item Important vitamin Important vows Important Wall St.

Submit a new word or definition. If I choose plan that goes wrong, clobber officers? In the region of In the right manner In the right way In the rococo style In the running to be In the sack In the sack, Ray made an ass-like sound In the saddle In the same 2-D surface In the same place In the same pro-portions as the original In the same source In the same way In the shadows, perhaps In the short term In the sky In the slightest In the slightest degree In the south of France, unconscious of divine intervention In the space separating two objects In subkect Stasi, the DDR citizen is in the file In the stomach In the strike zone In the style of In the style of: Injury mark Injury marks Injury memento Injury observed in hospital department Injury reminder Injury’s aftermath Injury, in law Injury-monitoring org.


I must attend appointment with pigeon in swamp I must catch cold? Half-naked celebrity Halftime lead, e.


Military award Military branch Military force Military force crazy to depose leader Military land force Military leader with power invested in army of troops Military leaders? Pathological inertia results Intelligence concern Intelligence endeavor Intelligence grp.

Blouse or shirt Blouse, e. Boxing prize Boy admitting film-maker’s rank Boy bowled over having got hold of hard author Boy going to off for the summer maybe Boy heads?

Crossword Clues Starting With C

Animal compartment Animal left after landowner barricaded run Animal runs into water-pipe Animal with withers Animals man put on road Animated film pooch Announce Annual Scripps event Antares, for one Antenna holders Anthem Anthology Anti-Gaelic lines?

In which all but one in party stand to lose their seats In which Bill stripped during sleazy fumble? Cfossword, doctors are cooking quails Insider Insider talk Insider’s vocabulary Insiders are in it Insiders from party listen for performer Insides Insidious Insight Insightful Insightful story I used in company American Insignia Insignia on some fighters Insignia site Insignia spot Insignificance Insignificant Insignificant amount Insignificant attempt to support friend Insignificant injury Insignificant lie Insignificant man on board one evening after work?

European songbird noted for its melodious nocturnal song English nurse remembered for her work during the Crimean War Inevitably, crossowrd never at the appointed time? In love with exotic demeanour In love with oneself In loving way, making proposal, with lady taking no notice In low spirits In lower rank In many cases In many instances In March, island is a heaven on earth In Mayday message, disheartened recruit types Immigrant’s course, brief Immigrant’s course, for s Immigrant’s course: Ignoring rules, devious as well, and cunning Ignoring the odds, finches followed calf Igor —, composer Igor’s place Igor, to Dr.

In this you can see model mushroom arranger In this, a “. Implication Implication makes many quarrel Implicit authentication partially withdrawn Implicitly understood Implied Implied but not stated Implies Implore Implore centre attendant a bit Implore conservationists to step in before soldiers return Implore guard to take coat off and have some food Implored Implores Imply Imply Madness singer has time to take ecstasy Imply Noah got wasted, spending hours getting very high?

Inspired kind of thinking Inspired stuff Inspires reverence in Inspiring act the Bard unceasingly revised Inspiring address Inspiring great affection Inspiring laughter primarily, bomb as crodsword author Inspiring one Inspiring reverence Inspiring sisters Inspiring sound Inspiring wonder Inspiring word Inst. Not for the golfer!

I’m engaged in game, dismissing a second ringing of bell? Ingredient of soup or casserole Ingredient of tonic wine, one of five used in place of whiskey Ingredient of varnish Ingredient of vinaigrette Ingredient of Wow! We’ve listed any clues from our database that match your search. Inflexible teaching Inflexible, as some rules Inflict Inflict harm in return comfdy a wrong Inflict on Inflict on: In hidden fashion In hiding after pulling fourth robbery In hiding, with “up” In high esteem In high regard In high repute In high spirits In hijab, e.


In-box build-up In-box clogger In-box contents In-box fill: Kind of salad 6. Tilt Tilt table Time and a half, e.

Employer of many auditors Empowered Empty bar to have coffee? Bush-league Business Business attire Business chatter quietly positioned ahead of work Business loss Business outfit Business starts to commission orders following expansion Busy bodies Busy buzzer Busy little insects Busy one Busy one?

shxkespearean Bengay Calculate astrologically Calico, e. If you want to see a doctor with very little time, you’ll need to hurry up If you’re lucky If you’re on them, you should get off! Desk item DeSoto, e. Greater likeliness to win Greek Resistance character?

Inclines Inclining to dismiss a brilliant historic city Include Include as an extra Commedy wine, we hear, for particular purpose only Include, with “in” Included for free Includes Includes in an e-mailing Includes on one’s route Including Includingand 60 Including characteristics that are not attractive Including; complete Inclusion with a MS. Soggy Sol, say Soldier, having inhaled phosphorus, is carried by retiring fighting unit Soldiers and carpenters, Soldiers crazy, writing off leader Soldiers’ ditch Solution Some are odd Some are queens Some are sliding Some are split Some brain activity, but ultimately not conscious Some caste members Some Christmas decoration Some colonists Some crime scene evidence Ccomedy cubes Some dashes Some disrespect Some foreign pen pals Some fun in the sun Some gamin: Fuss over, sha,espearean “on” Fuzzy flier G, e.

Miles per hour, e. Put up Put up job Put up with Put up with no bull!

Returns letters Returns letters? Pairs with drums Palm, e.

Short distance Short distances Short letter Short letter, never English Short message Short message; tone Short musical number follows for each individual Short swim Short title reset on line Short whip Short crosxword message Shortest light Shot up Shout in pain, being cowardly Show Show concern Show declining mental cap Show excessive affection Show of pride Show one’s teeth?

George who wrote “The Spa German dictator Gerund, e. In the 20’s, say In the 40’s, say In the 40s?

Drink from a machine Drink large tea brewed outside front of temple Drink that may be a doubl Drink that may be vanilla Vlue with a foamy top Drink with milk Drive close to Ferrari in journeys westward Driven group Driver’s destination? Shajespearean, for one Morale booster More than a few words More than a miss Morning eye-opener Morning waker-upper Mortgage consideration Most appropriate wager about son Most common papal name Most common U.