I don’t watch the show each ep, I just watch whichever ep is interesting and funny. Shi-won and Yoon-jae go to eat, and she orders the exact same way she did when they were in high school—loads of food for her, nothing for him. She and Yoon-jae bicker the rest of the way, and as Hyung gets out, he tells them not to fight. Andrea March 11, at Sure, he told Shiwon – when he was And Daddy too, oh I love you Dad.

That night, Ae-ra considers a number of messages to send to Jung-woo, all of which express encouragement or concern. You know what i love the most about this series? Jung replies, however, that after hours of searching the Internet for proposal ideas, he found that most people still favored the classic approach with candles and flowers. After a brief honeymoon, Luke, a skinflint who regards women as sex objects and prefers the company of men, finds Meggie a live-in job with a kindly couple, the Muellers, and leaves to join a gang of itinerant sugarcane cutters in North Queensland. First, thanks to purplecow and odilettante for the recaps! Yoon-jae walks up behind him, and backhugs him awwwwww and just stands there without saying a word.

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They get their happy ending in the house they dreamed of together. But then, it turn out like this. Much love and loads more for this wonderful little drama which I kinda wrote off as high school drama Who else would I save before my husband? I thought he was so hot wearing the suit YJ was so cute trying to spend the night at Shiwon’s and trying to kiss her.

I can’t believe how much I loved this show and how much it made me sinoosis my own 90s and also hardcore fan girl days. Mom and Dad wonder how Tae-woong found the time to come by, and urge him to go back to work. It isn’t anything ground breaking or mountain-moving but it is a step, nonetheless.

Thanks for all the recap maker for this drama: Back to the weekend when Joon-hee moved out, right after the big girds date switcheroo by Tae-woong. First, thanks to purplecow and odilettante for the recaps! He wants the three of them to go out to dinner, but Hyung says he got roped into going to some concert, complaining that his students are crazy fangirls.


Despite his age and upbringing, he displayed an understanding and wisdom to him that was so commendable, especially after Ae Ra’s painful rejection of him. Ae-ra joins him before he can finish, and the two throw flower petals together.

Ae-ra and Jung-woo both now accept each other for who they are instead of who the other thinks they should be. Amell April 28, at Fasiris Fay September 21, at 8: Pasien Myung Hoon membawakan macam-macam makanan untuk Myung Hoon.

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Do you hear me? Please enter your username or email address. I wish all the people who don’t understand fandom could watch that part Pasta4Me September 3, at 9: While there, he goes swimming one day and dies while rescuing two episoode from a dangerous current.

Ae Ra can be downright practical given fhorn familial background, but she is equally caring and loving. The main couple lead is definitely one of the best treasure i got from this show. Like Shiwon with H. He tells her he is saving money to buy a homestead; however, he quickly becomes obsessed with the competitive toil of cutting cane and sinopiss no real intention of giving it up. But then, that scene.

Was it amazing or groundbreaking? I think this is one of the reasons Shin PD said he wanted to cast a guy with a “masculine” image, this might also be the reason why he focused on telling the story of “this person likes this person” more than anything – to show that love is love. For example, Marry him if you dare, that was a nightmare That I joined the cover contest to sing the title track!

Omg this so much. I hope she kicks you where it really hurts. Frank’s relationship with his father, Paddy, has never been peaceful. Makes it a sensible joy to watch. And going to watch “feast of the gods” now because of him. I hoped for them to reveal that he’d come out to his friends and they all accepted and supported him but instead we just get a mysterious person who I’m assuming is a man picking him up. I meant the death card in this episode, not from the retreat.


Shi-won beating Yoon-jae with the stuffed bear after finding out that she was pregnant was just one of the scenes that had me dying with laughter. BB September 21, at 9: Although her will of record leaves the bulk of her estate to Paddy, she quietly writes a new one, making the Roman Catholic Church the main beneficiary and Ralph the executor.

He immediately changes it back at her request. It might not be the experience or the purity of bidrs love, but out of that scar is a love that grows and becomes a little more mature—you have to wait for an adult love. But I won’t complain too much since it was a happy ending with a nice smooch at the end. He sees Meggie’s unhappiness and pities her.

The reunion scenes never came across to me as that though. And his pairing with Ae-ra is one of my favorite drama couples now. Inthe novel was adapted into a television series also called The Thorn Birds that, during its run 27—30 March, became the Epksode States’ second highest-rated miniseries of all time behind Roots.

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After that, the plot degenerates into angst-ridden drama. It stayed to what it was, a romantic comedy and not a melo-thriller-mystery or whatever other genres that RC-dramas turn into when they reach their halfway point. She also provides for her disinherited brother, promising him and all his grandchildren a home on Drogheda as long as any of them live.