Lots of dramas tend to make the little kids talk like big kids and understand a lot of things. Second sister chides Yong Yong for not sharing her feelings right now like a good sister ought to. He returns and Wan Lan refuses to let him in. But if one episode for you is enough, then that is it. Both of them trying to explain with Cupids n all LOL. I have watched episode 1 and 2 and I can say its interesting and I like it so far.. From purely the standpoint of these 2 characters alone, they r contrivances-proof. He hugs her, and she cries out, wondering how he got back here so quickly since she just threw him away.

Si Han comes up to them and tells them that he is convinced that they are a happily married couple. I know people like her exist, but she was very frustrating. First sister asks if Yong Yong will make lots of money this time, she needs to buy jewelry and pretty clothes for a matchmaking date. After discussing a upcoming product release party to be held at the hotel, Yun Jie sends off his guests and sees Yong Yong eating lunch outside in the patio. Having no time for a drama-watching-marathon, I went straight for ep 25 so eager to see the ending which disappointed me, I must say. Thanks for pointing the site out to me earlier. The new family of three end up falling alseep in the big bed, and Yong Yong drapes her leg over Yun Jie.

March 14, at 4: Yun Chao smirks, laughing at this absurd marriage he sees before him. March 15, at 8: Usually you can pinpoint in rom-coms the OMO moment where the leads fall for the other person.

SINOPSIS Sunny Happiness Episode 1 – 25 – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Yun Jie reads the story and realizes that is his story with Yong Yong. He tells Yun Jie that his relationship with Xin Jie is sinopsid, they are about to get engaged and will be married. The part at the end of epi. He hugs her, and she cries out, wondering how he got back here so quickly since she just threw him away. The chemistry between the OTPs were incredible.


Sunny Happiness Episodes 19-20 Recap

The grandparents take Xiao Nian out for a trip, and Yun Takwan sends them off. I guess I finally learned to stop hating on Wan Lan because through it all, she was a good mother to Drzma Nian, who loved her dearly. Yong Yong suggests that he let Wan Lan live in his house when they get back to Taipei. I swear stars exploded on top of ovaries the moment that boy walked into the screen and owned it.

Sunny Happiness Episodes 13-14 Recap

The lawyer suggests that they make the marriage as real as possible right away, starting with living together. Notify me of new comments via email. He finds out that Xin Jie is a famous designer and he goes to see her to convince her to open a shop in the shopping center. Yun Jie chases after her, asking to speak with her some more. She is not cutesy or spirited, but rather an ordinary girl with a full personality.

The view out of the apartment Yun Jie got Yong Yong in Mainland China was just beautiful with a little island out in the bay…. He rushes to the hospital leaping over his car, woo hooand Si Han follows him.

He heads downstairs, where Yong Yong is making breakfast for the family already. When I find enough time, I will watch all episodes, promise: On the surface, SH is premised on both the Cinderella story and the contract marriage.

When Xiang Yun Jie decides to demolish an orphanage which is located on a very valuable piece of land to construct a new shopping mall, this orphanage is revealed to be Fang Yong Yong’s old home. I base my assessment on epi 1 in consideration with what i feel up to epi 6 as well.

Sunny Happiness is no longer available in viki gaiwan of the TW and Chinese dramas listed seems to be not available and no one seems bothered to rectify it thus it would be great if you could also share with us the link for dramas english subbed that you reviewed. Yong Yong says that when a person runs into the chance to love, the sky always turns sunny. So glad that I found your webpage and you have written great recaps here.


March 14, at 3: Yun Jie and Yong Yong act all loveydovey in front of him, and he queries how they got married so quickly.

Xiao Nian is upset, especially since his mom just left without saying goodbye. Xiao Nian gets into trouble at school because he needs a father figure, and Wan Lan tries her best to tziwan a good mother.

Yun Jie takes Xiao Nian to visit with his former classmates, but not before reminding Yong Yong one more time that she owes him an answer in three hours. I cried numerous times watching this drama because it was just so touching. Skip to primary content. He was flying high with successfully managing the shopping mall project only for big bro to swoop down at the last moment and pull the rug out from under him.

The wedding night was H. Yun Jie tries to explain how its not the same, but Yun Chao happiiness. He tells her that he will work spisode so that she can become the happiest person on earth. I love how neither characters are caricatures, written with extreme ssunny and dramatic traits.

It is full of all the words that are not there wordless eloquence, to borrow an apt term I recently read.

Yong Yong ends up in bed first, and then Yun Jie crawls in after her. I think I stopped right around ep 4 or 5….