But, yet, I think it is a book that must be read. First of all i feel like the teenagers in this book were all out of whack is there anything else they could be talking about other then sex? Because if that’s what your looking for, look no further. But in a way, those flaws made me like the characters more. Kimberly Brasher View all my reviews 1. They talk about the question of what is normal for a teenage girl in terms of sex. View all 20 comments.

I adored Kody Keplinger’s realistic and exciting new novel and am sure many others will, too. The entire idea was just so cute! Who would cave first? Grab one here and link to YABC! The plot was fast paced and kept me on my toes. Btw, is it just me or does the cover model look a little like a young Liv Tyler? At first it seemed that way since Randy’s character was the male character we saw the most, but it was thankfully subverted with Cash and another male character. There are discussions about how no one is being honest with them, as teens, about sex.

Zoey Talbon Top Reviewer View all my reviews Who can blame them though? No one can be categorized as weird or normal based on their preference. Keplimger most unnerving thing is put – girls are the biggest enemies to each other – they are first to call someone slut or whore or easy. Paperback As a mother of three young children it is very hard to find time to read. I am aware not all teenagers are sensible, responsible beings. I really like this book.


Ouy opens the door to the subject with candor and tact. My favorite aspect from a character perspective is the kinship that arises between the girls. On the one hand there are quite a few positive things about it.

It was kind of boring to me, because it was way too obvious how it would all end, and I hate it when everything is so obvious, but the main-lead just goes all drama-queen in her head and always comes to the wrong conclusions and all that.

En serio me gusta mucho este libro. The girls say, “I don’t like it” or “I’m afraid” or whatever, and a girl who reads this book will say, yeah We all wanted different things, and that was okay.

Shut Out by Kody Keplinger

See, Kody Keplinger is one of those authors where not having any books left to read makes me feel a bit twitchy. This review is bby like a bitch fest. She considers virgin-shaming too, as well as the shame for those who enjoy sex too much or not enough.

You know how sometimes it’s annoying as heck? Someone who will see how lucky they are to have you. View all 21 comments. I really enjoy books that have a competitive rivalry going on between groups of people and watching one group trying to outwit the other.

Kepligner loved all the characters! Yes, this book is about a hookup strike, but the girls end up discussing more than just sex. He was the guy that when her heart got broken time and again, he silently helped her pick up the pieces. Not a single girl even offers an alternative. Along the way they gain a new understanding regarding sexuality and learn something about themselves.


Shut Out by Kody Keplinger Book Reviews

It had it’s frustrating moments, sigh worthy moments, and its hilarious moments; and the ouy strike was ingenious. And, it’s not even common knowledge how the entire stupid thing started, they just follow out the pattern of acting like jerks. But only the best kind of cheese. View all 20 comments.

Waiting because your girl isn’t ready or has some issues is one thing. I loved Lissa and she learned a lot about herself, her family, her friends, and her heart by starting the strike.

Shut Out by Kody Keplinger

I know there was a message meant here, and I think it’s something about no girl-on-girl badmouthing and talking about Sluts and Virgins and accepting that what you do with your boyfriend and yourself is no one else’s business.

I was actually more upset by how the girls talk about sex. I understand why Lissa felt so safe in a relationship that didn’t make her always happy, and I think I know why she liked Cash better and Oh! But I’ll start from the beginning, to make some things more clear.