The X Eggs come, and thanks to Tadase, Amu purifies them. The Humpty Lock again triggers and the Dumpty Key does so as well. He leaves, making Rikka angry, wondering how she is fascinating. Rikka doesn’t realize they were trying to help, however, and yells at them all. Amu promises that she will never lose belief in Rikka or Hikaru. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The rest of the Guardians are throwing a surprise party for her.

At the contest, Nikaidou apologizes to Yukari, because Yukari wanted the entry prize for Utau so Nikaidou teased her. Picking up from last episode, Yamato Maihime descends to meet up with Clown Drop. This page was last edited on 11 February , at Tadase begins to suspect things even more, and Amu gets worried. Ano Hi no Atashi ni!! The others, including the Guardian Characters, that’s what becomes of an Egg.

Meanwhile, Nana and Lulu are watching them eat ramen and Nana accuses Lulu of being jealous.

Then, Amu tells her that she once had a X Egg. She promises to the other eggs that she ehugo not make them feel lonely anymore.

Shugo Chara! Party!

The eggs are so upset that they create a tornado. Amu tells Utau that she wishes Ikuto could’ve come, but Utau tells her that he is traveling the world to find their father. Amu and the gang try to give her suggestions, but she just gets frustrated.

Being embarrassed, Lulu ran outside to get away.

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She smiles and continues to sing. While Amu is studying, Tadase comes over to her house and Amu’s mother suggests they talk in Amu’s room. The Embryo is believed to grant any wish to the one who possesses it.


Ran then Character Changes with Amu to make her express her feelings just as Rikka arrives to watch the occasion, but Amu accidentally destroys epiisode sand dokkii that two kids had made. When walking to school, she notices Tadase hurt as well. She says it is bound to sgugo up with some good ideas peisode finally purifies it.

Rikka wipes up her tears, and says that not all people are strong. Rikka doesn’t realize they were trying to help, however, and yells at them all. Utau storms out of a recording session for her new song, and goes to eat ramen with Kukai to cool her head. Kiseki has called another meeting with the Diki Characters, but no one is paying attention to him.

After saying Ikuto’s name aloud, he pops down suddenly from the tree. Egg using a special ruby necklace. Retrieved from ” https: A storm comes, and a tree falls over, resulting in a log targeting Amu, Tadase, and Saito. Just then, Amu, Tadase and their Guardian Characters arrive. Rima is jealous and suspicious of Nagihiko, especially with his and Amu’s friendship.

This frees everyone else from the trance. He says that there is a girl he that is always on his mind and he can’t sleep at night when he thinks over her. Amu transforms with Ran and says to just follow your own dream.

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Nagihiko is filling in for some players at a basketball game. She awakens to Ikuto, who is still at her house.


The first ending is “Bravo! He refuses to talk to Amu or Tadase. Lulu laughs and says that was when she was a kid, and now it is embarrassing. Archived from the original on November 27, When they get there on Sunday, the bars are locked.

She, Kukai, and the Guardians discuss and decide to find the owner of the egg. It’s finally Sunday, but Amu doesn’t just have a ton of homework to do, her parents leave her to handle everything at home, too! After some questioning, it seems that Hikaru has never really laughed in his entire life! Amu goes home and consoles herself with food. Party 12 – I’m Beat!

At the meeting with the Guardians, they notice Amu spacing out.

Tadase-kun ni Suki na Hito!? Lulu’s grandma thinks that Amu can change Lulu to being a little more outgoing and fun, so Lulu’s grandma accepts Amu as Lulu’s friend.

Ikuto says he wants to play the “prince character” and then takes it back saying that it’s not his character. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Meanwhile, Nagihiko and Rima chase after the X eggs, but every time they try and get near them they burst, sending out a wave of sadness!