Later, Suresh returns to Shraddha’s home and tells the people at the home that the the reports of the D. Today is Shradha’s wedding. Just then Sunidhi’s grandmother tells Sunidhi that she is watching Bhuvan’s live concert. While they’re talking, Suresh visits them, He has decided to tell them the truth that he loves Sunidhi and not Shradha. She asks Bhuvan to get married soon. Will the sisters make their mother proud? A test would be out the next morning.

Shubhavivaha – Episode 17 – January 13, It is said that Puttanna and Aarathi became close during the filming of this movie. Shraddha consoles him by saying that it isn’t his fault. Gaurav confronts him and asks him what is it that is causing him to riot at this good event. Shradha and her mother get emotional over the fact that she would be missing in the home from the next day. Jaanki and her daughters are astonished to hear that. Shubhavivaha – Episode 15 – January 9, In an inebriated state, Suresh proposes Shradha thinking her to be Sunidhi.

Her life changes when she falls in love with a slum dweller Ramu and they decide to get married. Suresh visits Bhuvan’s place and starts a turmoil. Shraddha tells Rachna to calm down as she would share this news with Suresh as he would find a solution for her problem. Suresh eventually clarifies the fuss and tells Jaanki that he wants to book the hall for his sister’s wedding. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On.

Radha as Radha Ashwath as the doctor B. Shubhavivaha – Episode 17 – January 13, The show has been shot in the exotic location of Gundya and we believe that we have managed to capture the essence of a given place, of each relationship that exists in the show and got the best work out of every individual that is a part of the show. Jaanki is surprised and believes that Suresh is talking about his and Shraddha’s wedding. Suresh suddenly falls unconcious and Shradha tries to wake him up.


Nethravathi falls in love with Ramu who lives in the nearby slum and breaks off her engagement with a boy from another influential to be with him. Suresh’s mother tells Shradha’s mother that she wants to marry off her son as well. Shubhavivaha – Episode 20 – January 16, Will the sisters make their mother proud?

More Videos of Shubhavivaha. Jaanki is shocked to hear the demands of Tarun’s mother. Shubhavivaha – Episode kanada – December 23, Later, Bhuvan’s grandmother informs him that since his friend is episoeds married, why doesn’t he think about marriage too.

Rachna then tells her the story how Akash had cheated her. Suresh turns his head around and notices Shradha inserting a ring into his finger and hesitates.

Shubhavivaha – Episode 8 – December 31, Later, Bhuvan rushes in his car episode Shradha splashing dirty water on her clothes. She asks Bhuvan to get married soon. Sharadha’s younger sister tells Shradha that Tarun is asking for the sole proprietorship of the marriage hall as dowry.

Gaurav then walks out of his cabin. Chitte Hejje is a story that we believe viewers will be able to empathize with and we have a stellar star cast with Anant Nag bringing his experience to the show while introducing fresh faces as the leads as well. Suresh tells Shraddha that she has misunderstood him.


Shubhavivaha – Episode 25 – January 23, – Full Episode. In an inebriated state, Suresh proposes Shradha thinking her to be Sunidhi. Shraddha tells Suresh that she knows what he wants to tell her. Aarathi superhit kannada movies part 17 of 17 shubhamangala.

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Hema begins to hate Prabhakara from then on. Suresh then ponders over her virtuous nature. Shradha flashbacks her meeting with her fiance at the bus stop and starts praising him. Just then, Suresh’s mother tells Shradha’s mother that she knows that Suresh loves Shradha; hence, they can commence Suresh’s and Shradha’s marriage.


She reminds the people how Suresh used to stand in the society as their representative and how he used to tackle the issues of their society. About the Author Raju. Shraddha and Suresh talk to each other privately whereupon Shraddha explains Suresh that Rachna would have shubhamangapa go through the D. The show revolves around sbubhamangala character Nethravathi who is the daughter of the powerful politician Dhananjay Hosabeedu.

Shubhamangala is a Indian Kannada language film directed by Puttanna Kanagal, based on a novel of the same name by Vani, and starring Aarathi and Srinath in lead roles. He picks up the flowers and puts them aside, and then enters the hall. Shubha mangala kannada full hd movie feat srinath aarathi. Today is Shradha’s wedding.

Sunidhi picks up the ring and hands it over to Suresh, and asks him to insert the ring into her finger. Rachna is in tears after knowing that she is pregnant. Just then Sunidhi’s grandmother tells Sunidhi that she is watching Bhuvan’s live concert.

She misunderstands it completely and expects Suresh to speak something romantic to her. Shradha’s younger sister hears this and just then, Shradha too comes to the scene. Suresh even asks Shradha whether she would marry him or not. Shubhavivaha – Episode 1 – December 22, Hema’s father doesn’t like Hema mingling with Prabhakar and shibhamangala her about a family fight he had with Prabhakara’s father years ago.

Watch the full episode to know what happens ahead.