Uncle, don’t know what’s her plan today. Why are you walking away Sivaiah? Subbamma, you’re need outside, go. Why are you so tired, uncle? His name is Seenu! She’s an organic apple in Choli Have l crossed limits? Who are his parents?

Why are you standing there? To invite for my marriage. Want me to sit? He swore to die than come back as a loser. Show all your anger on him. Shall we go now, uncle?

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The man who brings Sivaiah’s head will get a bounty. Do you love her? What is he to you? He’s not sending her. People will stand in respect on seeing him, we mustn’t stand up. You’re a living God The man who took engliish Pasupathi’s brother is here. Let’s see his courage!

Why should l run and marry? Where is my father? How do you feel? Seeing the patient’s condition he may get shankm sentence too. Sir, please give me some water. You gave the address, thanks aunty. Cut the line, man!


Nothing like that, if he comes we’ll garland him, if not we’ll garland his photograph. Your face doesn’t match your name.

What’s her native place? She’s an organic apple in Choli My father, my grandma, my aunt, my uncle.

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Name is Chandu, completed studies recently, he worked hard to train himself in all martial arts, like how a new husband would get frustrated if movoe is cancelled, he too feels same if he can’t use the martial arts he had learnt. Turn back and see me, my dear Wear sari and bangles, sit on a mat, because a man without pride must die.

With frowning face and abusing openly Don’t want your life, tell me your name. Why didn’t you tell me? Why is he shouting? My dress got crumpled Why aren’t you fighting?

Take her home carefully shouting like that. Okay, switch on the speaker.

Go, it’ll not be good if father sees you. You’re right, you should come for her, let’s go now.


Gopichand movies with english subtitles

Do you need to take such risk for your ahankam Who are his parents? That’s okay, but before marriage, you must do me a favour. Go and get her.

Over, it’s all over. How come they are here? Till then let’s meet another interesting character here.