The three sworn brothers were saved by Bachou Blue Destiny, who found them washed up by the river. Their discussion was cut short by an attack. Kakuka now believes in Shiba-i’s view. Ryuubi steps in, and swears to serve justice in Mirisha, causing the Ryuuteiken to glow, and finally awaken. Ryuubi suspects it’s more of Toutaku’s troops, and the 3 rushes off to intercept them but Ryuubi notices he has lost the Ryuuteiken. Sousou and Ryuubi are evenly matched, as Sonken interferes. Sousou is further enraged as Ryuubi states that Sousou isn’t the only one with a power bestowed from the Heavens, and that he will defeat Sousou once and for all. When lights are shone on the castle walls, it is revealed that straw dolls were firing at them, and Shuuyu fears for Sonsaku’s safety.

Ryuubi rushes in, but is easily overpowered. Enshou receives word that Sousou and his army are closing in on his position, and wants to deal with Kousonsan as quickly as possible, to which Denpou has a plan when Chouryou steps up. However, they are soon greeted by a wandering strategist, Shiba-i Sazabi. He soon sees two warriors engaging each other, one with red armour, and another with green armour. As Sonken grieves, Sonsaku says that Sonken will be the one to heal the people of Mirisha with his compassion, and dies in Sonken’s hands. Hyrule Warriors [08] – Trahison. Ryofu grows tired, and attacks, injuring Kakouton’s left eye. Sonken comments that he’ll do anything to protect his family, and Ryuubi comment that it’s Heaven’s will to help the people.

Retrieved from ” https: However, Choukaku Palace Athene is not afraid, and has a plan to counter them. After Roshoku left, Ryuubi climbs up a pagoda, and looks beyond the horizon, finally understanding Roshoku’s words. Choushuu joined Sousou’s army out of admiration, and shares the same goal with Sousou, that is to unify Mirisha through force. sangoouden

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Chou-sen comments on how both Toutaku and Riju seem to be possessed. With the coming turmoil, the peaceful days of Koutou might not last. Their discussion was cut short by an attack. Chouhi comments on tilling fields again, to which Koumei comments it’s not the time.

Back at the Chouhankyou, Chouryou steps up against the visibly tired Chouhi. At the Keishuu castle, Ryuuhyou panics after hearing that Sousou is going to attack soon. Sousou is further enraged as Ryuubi states that Sousou isn’t the only one with a power bestowed from the Heavens, and that he will defeat Sousou once and for all.


Ryuubi decides to travel, while Kousonsan stays behind, inheriting Roshoku’s stratagem scroll. Jyokou pleads with Toutaku to not fire those cannons, as it will also harm Ryofu and his army. However, Enshou has severed all ties with his sajgokuden, stating that Enjyutsu is none of his concerns, and that what he’s doing is natural in times of war.

The episode ends with Sonsaku pointing the Kouteitou at Enjyutsu, and declaring to take his head.

YMSM Warriorz and bombs. Roshoku appears as well, asking what is Ryuubi’s source of dedication. The West Wing is led by Sonken Zephyranthes, and he too decides to attack. The sworn brothers prepare for their last stand, just as Sousou arrives to intercept Enjyutsu. As they did, many of the Infantry GMs and Zakus are hit.

However, it isn’t long that Ryofu succumbs to Sousou. Shiba-i mentions Yuushu has no monetary gain, but Sousou retorts, saying all he needs is to amass more warriors to his cause.

Back at the capital Rakuyou, Toutaku comments with Ryofu at the Koroukan, no one will pass. The 4 understands the situation, but insists on rushing over to save Kan-pei. The villagers have begun to evacuate towards Choukou, btatle Koumei suggest they do the same. Tashiji is shocked at the pillar of light from Sousou’s battleship, and Sonshoukou fears the worst.

Outside, Choukou Zaku III is training his platoon for the coming battle, and Denpou orders Choukou to lead his platoon into the frontlines, to which Choukou proudly accepts. Shiba-i leaves the council, and meets with his disciple Kakuka Virsago.

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Sousou wants to return to Kyoshou to lead his army and chase after Choushuu, to which Ryuubi asks if he does not feel sympathy for Ten-i’s sacrifice. Views Read Edit View history.

Do you want to remove all your recent searches? As the rain falls on Rakuyou, Sonken cries out in agony. Ryuubi steps in to protect Enshou, and thus, a battle soon begins. In his final words, Ten-i asks if Sousou is unharmed, and upon seeing so, dies. Sonken then splits a boulder in half, commenting that he has severed all his hesitations, and agrees to form the alliance with Ryuubi.


O, and easily overpower the three.

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Over at Koutou, Rikuson is episodee some food for the villagers and the Son Army, when scouts alert them of incoming warships along the Choukou. Sousou does not, and Ryuubi swears to never serve Sousou. Chouryou drops his weapons, and wants Kan-u to kill him; however, Kan-u tells him to live on. Kan-u comments on how tyrannical Toutaku is to injure his own troops, just as Ryofu is hit. Enjyutsu thinks that Joshuu is easy pickings, and decides to personally head his army to invade.

When Shuuyu suggests Taishiji to rally up his strongest warriors, Sonken interjects, and wants to go alone to save Sonshoukou. The duel between Ryofu and Sousou begins, each giving it their all. Sonshoukou had dragged Rikuson along to search for the pirate’s base, brage anyone knowing. The Ryuuteiken appears before Ryuubi’s feet; Bachou found it thanks to the dragon spirit.

He trips over a puddle and smashes his favourite honey jar. Koumei then suggests that Sonken prove that the Koteitou is a symbol of the Three Sovereigns, and to do so by dueling with Ryuubi and his Ryuuteiken. Back at the battle, the sworn brothers are getting tired from the endless attacks of the Ugan.

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A battle ensues, and Sonken Zephyranthes gundan Enjyutsu’s betrayal and rushes back, only to be stopped by an advancing Ryofu. When the rest of the Son Army steps in, they fled. As Ryuubi thanks them, Koumei signals to them that they have arrived. Touken dies soon after. He tries to summon the Tengyokugai, but fails miserably.