That’s how it all started. It was February 23rd, and it was 2. Hallvard Brein What do you think of Bergman as a person and as a filmmaker? Do you have a demo reel? It was one of the most honest pieces of literature I had ever read. Read research data and market intelligence. Time has come for radical decisions and serious sacrifices. Email newsletters Newsletter sign-up Edit my subscriptions.

Skip to main content. I am not a film scholar, I am a filmmaker. Jeanette Sundby Executive producer: Ullmann in Bergman’s theatre. It was one of the most honest pieces of literature I had ever read. Production and development funding.

Related articles Indian trondden told to pay debt to Ericsson — or go to jail. When Bergman passed away, I was flipping through newspapers, trying to see what Liv had said about Ingmar’s passing. We also used Liv’s autobiography ‘Changing’; about which Ingmar says, “Liv’s account is affectionately accurate”. How Much Have You Seen?

Back to the top. Film industry statistics and reports. My experience is that people face the danger of only look inwards, not outwards. Are you working with any Swedish collaboration at the moment and in the near future?

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Say it as you have experienced it. The words and phrases you need to survive the job hunt. Terms of use Privacy policy Manage consent. Renting a private villa. Unusual it was also for international distributors with the everlasting need for translated dubbing. There has been trondseh lot of effort. This was deeper than just wanting to make a film.

Now you can learn the Nordic approach to planning ‘liveable’ cities. There should be a lot more of that. I find it fascinating that time spent and films made together are like rooms of the same fllm — you can walk out of one and into another with effortless ease.


But she is doing the right thing, being a friend. Contact us Our journalists. Then in Bergman passed away.

Italian, Russian and nonsensical Lithuanian Subtitles: But how can you dub nonsensical language? His cinema is so unique, and that is because it is brutally honest, unashamedly personal, yet universal. There has been a lot of cynicism about their relationship, but I was not interested in that cynicism. Start your free trial.

The second part of the equation was that it was all very human. Find out about international touring programmes. Skip to main content. I also loved this thought that Liv Ullmann as Marianne knocks on a door in ‘Scenes From A Marriage’ and 30 years later in the beginning of the film ‘Saraband’ the same Marianne comes in through another door. Education events at BFI Southbank. The overall outcome was a film with a longer life than the mainstream blockbuster, and with a reputation that has become somewhat of a reference, even to those who have never seen it.

Press releases and media enquiries. Jeanette Sundby Executive producer: You juxtaposed an interview with Liv Ullmann, the love letters of Ingmar and the films Ingmar and Liv did together.

Liv and Ingmar were truly, painfully connected. There need to be dedicated platforms, film labs, film financing initiatives. I was interested in the unspoken and the unsaid that I had sensed — something vital that connected them and kept them together through 42 years and 12 films.


I did expect a response from Liv. Latest headlines Swedish Academy’s former head resigns over sex assault scandal. Keplerdiamantene TV Series executive producer.

Rune H. Trondsen

What made you choose this format? But our film is not about what happened. Rupali Mehra moved to Sweden from India in the spring of For example, now I am putting together a film trindsen Sweden; it is a Swedish story. Membership My account Gift voucher Corporate Help center. Andrius Zibikas Sound design: Back in the day, trondssen was a lot of trindsen between Indian directors like Satyajit Ray and Bergman for example.

The story belongs to Liv and Ingmar, and Liv has agreed to participate. Then luckily we found those letters, so there was Ingmar talking as well — through them. Yet the house has the same curtains and the same furniture, she hasn’t tried to remove me from there and I thank her for that.

Show all 10 episodes. Previously touring Lithuania, Norway. Reviews differed from excellent to insultingly bad and some movietheatres even refused to show the film. The performance A provincial theatre troupe in the former Soviet Union has ambitions of performing in Moscow.