She is French and speaks with a recognizable accent, which grows thicker when she is angry. The characters are in their mid-to-late teens but all of them feel like middle school kids. George and Gideon, suspect Gwen told them, though there is no proof. After traveling back to the present, Gideon finds her again and tries to patch things over, but Gwyneth still refuses and heads home. I got the impression that he underestimated her or thought she was stupid? Views Read Edit View history. On another occasion, she indignantly accuses Gideon of staring at her chest. However, Gwyneth must take her own life to have the prophesies come true, and to allow the Count to become immortal, and she is supposed to do it because of Gideon.

It never once gets boring with them. Bernard starts to hammer through the bricks, while Charlotte is kept busy playing Scrabble with Maddy. She always helped Charlotte who was pretty much arrogant. View all 19 comments. Was ihr dagegen nicht klar ist: She was flat and boring. Lady Arista Gwyneth’s grandmother, who is very strict and always reprimands her and her siblings.

The side bucch, like Leslie, James, Gwyneth’s mom, Lucy, Paul, and even Charlotte, were all pretty interesting and likeable. After traveling back to the past, Gideon is there, who questions why Gwen smelled of smoke, though she tries to play it off that she smoked. Hardcoverpages. I decided I was going to take some time to percolate my ideas for this book, but it’s still up in the air what I exactly think.

There’s no danger here. That same night, Gwyneth elapses to meet Lucas in the past again, and though he is now married to Arista and they have had Harry, he still does not have much leseporbe about Lucy and Paul.

Gwyneth – Gwen for short – scrapes by in school, trips on her own legs, suffers from a nervous stomach, says the wrong thing everytime, has no fashion sense, and her only talent is memorizing inane pop culture trivia. While I was reading I kept it in the back of my mind, but honestly, I didn’t really notice anything!


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They elapse back to the present, they go to the Temple to elapse and meet the Count. I knew Ruby Red wouldn’t be quite my type of YA lit after reading first couple of pages of it. After lessons, she is taken back home by Gideon who is distraught that Raphael has run away from home, though the next day at school, Lesley, Cynthia, and Gwen discover that he would be attending St.

Gideon however is just a bossy, cocky prick and I don’t trust him one bit! In the third book, Emerald GreenGwyneth finds out that Lucy is her mother. Gwyneth makes sure the bucu is hidden inside a wall she tore down at the rubonrot of her closet, stuffed inside a stuffed animal crocodile, before she falls asleep. The workings and the history behind the society is interesting.

Whitman is Count-Saint Germain, but under cosmetic surgery.

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After going back to the present, she is intercepted by Charlotte again, who claims that she is closer to finding out what Gwyneth is hiding. This is the first book I’ve read where I knew that it was translated. The two promise to meet again, at the later time ofand Lucas promises to store a key in the bricks, as well as the password.

She has two younger siblings, Nick and Caroline, and nuch best friend is Lesley Hay. I didn’t love it as much as other young adult books out there, but I think that’s mainly because I listened to this as an audiobook, which I’ve never done before. She was raised in a family full of secrets where her cousin Charlotte was the center of attention and care. She isn’t in on this time travelling world, but helps the main character as much as she can! After traveling back to the present, Gideon finds her again and tries to patch things over, but Gwyneth still refuses and heads home.

What I didn’t like however, were practically all the major characters. Would have slapped her given the opportunity. To be honest, it’s confusing and the plot was boring. Merchant, who leserpobe her, and Lady Lavinia, who rubintot with Gideon. Only they are mistaken and it is Gwyneth who suddenly finds herself in the past.


Mr Whitman took Gordon’s test back from bch, turned a page, and read out, “Elizabeth I was so ugly that she couldn’t get a husband.

Rubinrot (Edelstein-Trilogie, #1) by Kerstin Gier

The love interest, Gideon, was rather stupid and shallow. So that is just pretty much just a disclaimer to say that while I had strong feeling of dislike towards this book it is not because the book promised to be something more, I was just too silly to read the synopsis and know not to read it. Gwyneth’s cousin and Glenda’s daughter, who was believed to have inherited the time travel gene initially, and so has been prepared for her role her whole life.

You are asking the girl to get killed, leseprone, or something.

Jakob White The Lodge doctor and also an inner circle member. Ich bin so begeistert von diesem Buch, dass ich es in weniger als 24 Stunden gelesen habe. Bernard The butler of the Montrose household. Nick wakes up and notices Gwen talking to Xemerius about leeseprobe hidden treasure, and agrees to help out.

The original version of the movie is in German, but subtitles have been developed in English.

The time travel aspect was well thought out, and I’m leeeprobe liking how the main mystery is developing. Todas las situaciones de las que somos testigos nos encantan, nos entretienen y hasta nos hacen reir.

Now, Let’s talk about this book! She is immortal and has the ability to interact with ghosts and gargoyles. She grows up believing her birthday was on 8 October instead, leading her to think she was not the one to have inherited her family’s time travel gene. Retrieved 8 December