He shows Bear-chi about Sonata’s and Rizumu’s father Ryuu’s past when they just got married. Aira and her father persuaded Mion into helping to create even more cakes and the 3 were all tired from a long day’s work. Comment Anime Episode 01 Rules. Retrieved May 12, Through the show, he does not look happy and behind the stage Aira finds the terribly long skirt that he bought for her along with a note saying that if she does not wear this during her jump he will take her home and never let her in a show again. When she woke up, she left Rizumu and Andy and went somewhere else which is still unknown. She turns to embrace her daughter, the scene becoming a tearful reunion. Mion made Wataru hold all of her prizes which left the 2.

During the show, the old man recalls all his past memories. She shows Kaname the skating place and dances the hop step jump. Love Battle in the World of Showbiz” Transcription: Aira finds the twins but they don’t forgive her. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. The Pretty Recipe of Victory” Transcription: After finishing her purchase, she begins mix matching the clothes on the mannequins at the clothing shop in the mall.

MARs is at the beach for filming business which does not make Rizumu and Mion feel happy. After Aira lets out her feelings to the audience, the lights come back on all the credit goes to the crazy president who viciously pressed random buttons. They had no luck finding it but did find a baby dolphin that got separated from its mother and father unaware of the dgeam that the rhyhtm dolphin is the legendary Venus dolphin. Rizumu comes out and jumps the Super Stardust Shower.

In the end, there was a box of Rizumu’s chocolate on the floor with tear drops on it. As Mion is preparing in her dressing room, her parents came to visit her.

Sonata sees the Aurora, and Drram delivers epislde short speech to her before flying back to the competition. Meanwhile, Hibiki is carrying boxes and Mion and Wataru are sewing the outfits. He ends up pulling her cheeks and telling her that she, a popular super model can become friends with Aira and Rizumu which makes her blush and she thanks him to which she said that she won’t say it a second time.

She makes it in time for the show and performs with Aira. MARs performs their Christmas show and it started to snow which everyone says that his wish came true.


Aira and Rizumu may have passed out but they were able to learn by dancing and singing freely. The program was aired but to Serena’s dismay it was called MARs’ special that they were in even though they did a bogoanime show.

Fortunately, Jun saves her. Rizumu sees Kei coach and she says that if she wants to master the Aurora Rising, she must give away everything like Sonata did.

This episode is mostly a flashback of all the events since the beginning of the story. With her heart set on bringing her mother home, Rizumu performs her own version of the Aurora Rising, Aurora Rising Final. Eventually, Rizumu convinces Aira to tell her Dad in a message and give him a ticket to the show. Aira is speechless and Sho gives her a necklace. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Rizumu’s performance topped first place before she found out that Aira had lied to her and was being way too considerate of Rizumu, to which she slaps Aira in response.

Aira and Flare happily shake hands at the end of the episode. Please use our search form before sending new request! However, with the audience’s help she and Rizumu both gain first place in the second round and advance to the last round. As Aira’s fans in the audience chant her name and cheer for her, the announcer states that Aira has completed many people’s dreams and inspired many people.

Aira’s father tags along to the TV show and the program begins. With Mion and Rizumu’s support, MARs was able to put on a great show with their regular unit clothes and a slight change in their dance. Close to the Charm of Prism Show!

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They do not spoil anything in the current or future episodes. Lists of anime episodes Pretty Rhythm. She told him that she loves him and hugged him which her security guards took a picture of and she seemed to be scheming something.

She is then pulled into darkness prompting Aira to save her. The Girls’ Destiny Date” Transcription: In the end, the President and Jun come along with a episore with the girls’ names on it and announce that they are all going prstty debut which makes the 3 girls surprised.

The battle was going smoothly until Aira’s turn came and she stuck to the pole that she was supposed to walk on. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties.


Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream Episode 31 English Subbed at gogoanime

They complete their new song Hop! Everyone in the Pretty Top staff tries to help her to lift her grades, but they all fail especially Jun and Penguin Sensei. Would like to apply for Disqus Moderator, click here. Aurora Dream,” Aira, Mion, and Rizumu have grown up and tutor a new group of aspiring idols: Before Rizumu takes the stage, Serena and Kanon call to her, telling her that Kaname needs to speak with her.

Unbeknownst to them, Mion was watching their performance. Aira later remarks that rainy days are fun. They win the game and end up thinking of their own moves because Mion believes in Rizumu and Aira.

Watch Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream Episode 30 English Subbedat Gogoanime

When Mion arrives at Venice, she was frightened gogoqnime Jun when she came out of the airport while reporters start flocking around her. However, when Kanon came back to get Hibiki to take her to eat the matcha parfait, Serena said that they didn’t have time for parfaits and dragged her away to train.

However when they got there, the store was already packed with customers. After Karina’s hard-to-beat performance, it is time for Mion to step up to the stage. Meanwhile, Mion takes the matter in her own hands by going to the Jounouichi Residence to beg for the wedding stones. Aira was starting to get depressed gogoanome she couldn’t think of a new design for Prism Stone. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This makes her at 1st place, defeating Serenon’s score. She had become so hopeless that even her dance moves weren’t that good. The 2 performed a Prism show that definitely showed that they have advanced in level. Title Original airdate 01 “A Star is Born! The next epiode they go to Serena and Kanon’s Prism show after getting tickets.

But Aira is nervous though.