We started out at 10 hours, and we are going to be at 15 hours by the time we get to the end of And it’s a bridge to somehow getting some kind of compensation for our signal. The markets are up, things are doing much better. On veut qu’il fonctionne. Well, I think that from the outset in it was clearly stated that the LPIF would be a program that would be reviewed in three years. So I think that’s where we would probably adjust ourselves.

This is simply wrong. There are contributions across the system, and that’s the way it is set up. The markets are up, things are doing much better. How much of local programming costs are tied to bricks and mortar as opposed to strictly journalists when you assess your local programming costs? In real terms they are down. We have checkpoints, we have news checkpoints, we have weather checkpoints, we show the highways with live cameras.

Then that would make your following year even more difficult. Comment ressouder alors le corps? Nama mare daemones sanguinem dicuntur Speculum doctrinaleIX. I didn’t think you would. Rn has spent millions of dollars to make itself competitive through the implementation of HD upgrades at our studio and transmitter facilities in St.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to present the point of view of Cogeco Cable as part of this public eb on the review of the LPIF.


They wanted to grow their presence in markets and there were certain markets where it clearly did not make financial sense to have two markets but they still wanted a presence, and at that time that’s when the twin sticks were born. You want better programming for viewers and we want to see better programming for viewers, that’s what episoxe understand viewers want.

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I’m looking for the Commission’s findings in this regard. What I just said was our news is not down, our news has gone up and that’s really what keeps us in the game is our news, but there is fragmentation. As to other station-specific information, we provide that to the Commission, it is released as part of the financial summaries.

I didn’t say eplsode it was a subsidy.

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Did you do some surveys? I don’t have to watch it at six o’clock. Je vais vous donner l’exemple de nos stations en milieu minoritaire. They have set down their roots everywhere. That being the case, why would fragmentation matter?

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I’ll pass to Christine for more information. And what I mean is viewers are looking for their local news elsewhere than TV more and more.

We are not a hour news station so in terms of our other programming it is eroding dramatically really year-to-year. So the only reason we’re getting more than they’re getting over time is that they are not investing.


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Well, we do now in the sense of the clips. Thank you very much. That was our particular scenario.

Copies are being made in the examination room. John has been involved in national advertising sales in small and large markets for the past 30 years. Why can’t episoed end? But the fragmentation is something that is critical. NTV news and public affairs programming is not duplication. That’s as much information as we provide currently and that is as much as required.

So that’s probably where some of the confusion. Since changing to digital, we have discovered that early obsolescence seems to be the hallmark of digital equipment.

We’ll put them on our website and people can go on the website and they can see that story. Well, I don’t think it’s a subsidy. We have no answers for them.