It gives a real sense of immediacy. It moves at a fast pace due to some tight editing, which is nice, and I like the use of a hand-held camera. Well as we all know things can and sometimes do go wrong. Mitch has also been kind enough to send along some free codes for No Film School readers. However, the downside of this fast pace is that you don’t get much in the way of character development, so everyone just ends up being canon fodder. This film also displays some top-notch night-time cinematography.

What do you do when the girl of your dreams rejects you? Plus, all of the different categories that were rated by the viewers were all top notch. A university student procrastinates whilst trying to write his latest essay. Gorgeous locations and cinematography top it off nicely. The DP’s Owen Henley latest showreel: Top marks to the DP. The black and white grainy footage works well to capture the atmosphere, although the use of the f-word, in written form, doesn’t quite sit well with the classic silent movie approach. A nameless survivor is ambushed and infected with the virus, a beautiful gift to the world.

Again, I do appreciate your input and I’m striving to do what you said: Magnetic I 5 min Short, Family 6. Pacing was good, sound was good see belowcinematography was good and I didn’t have really many problems with this movie.

2012 Planet 5D Short Film Challenge

An unfortunate incident that takes place along the border of US and Mexico, will prove that we are closer to each other than we think. I simply hate these types of contests. Filmed in the Texas Panhandle, the short chaolenge viewers on a Questions about this project?

The nice thing about films is that there is always ahort lot of people willing to work so under no circumstances would a drop out mean the film would be cancelled. It has to be. This is Matt’s debut shorg film with many more films to come! Should the data become corrupt we will be able to pull off the files from one of the backup machines, While this will NOT stop us being able deliver on the film, it may cause a delay in the delivery date.


For example, the first scene with the paper at the breakfast table, the audio of the paper being handled was a chzllenge over the top — cahllenge I’m really looking for negatives here — it wasn’t that bad. In the city of Los Angeles, two undercover operatives fight each other over a mysterious briefcase. Alright you made it three words into your post before using the word hate, talk about aggressive.

Chicles 8 min Short, Drama. PortreyShaun Vetick. We all love food, film makers more than most! Short Film 19 Video 2.

Tell Your Friends Share this list: Brotherly Love 2 min Short, Action, Comedy 6. We present his original song “Please”.

Winner of the planet5D Short Film Challenge! This is highly unlikely as during the shoot all data will be backed up a number of times on different machines. Johnny and anyone else for that matter – I’m very open to suggestions on how to make planet5D better – please drop me an email if you’re willing – suggestions planet5D. The Essay – A Short Film.

Good news our first short michel has been shortlisted for the “indi’s” short film award in the age category! Share this project Done. This is pretty much a short film marketing contest. What do you do when the girl of your dreams rejects you?

The Essay – A Short Film by Filmhouse Motion Pictures — Kickstarter

Production value is an eventual goal putting something out there is part of the learning processwhort the main goal was to get a message out quickly. There is always a lot of people and stuff to move on a film set so a good fund for this is a must.


Maybe it is too open – we’ll learn from that. And the winner of the grand prize is: Acting is what I want to do and I hope that I will appear in many more films in the future. This includes everything above but you’ll get an executive producer credit, a Blu-Ray copy of the film and an invitation to set travel and accommodation not included.

It plays out the way any good joke does, with a quick set up, followed by the punchline. So it was refreshing when I saw Michael and it was short into the point. This list just incorporates those which appear on IMDb, one of which is the winning film ‘Michael’, that was written by myself. Thanks for checking on that for me.


Sofia’s Doll 21 min Short, Drama, Horror. Brotherly love is also brilliantly edited, and there are flourishes of movement that remind me of Edgar Wright’s style of movie making. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Soon, his repressed memories start to haunt him to a final confrontation with himself and his past.

But what if you could enter any film you’ve ever made, regardless of genre, under 30 minutes?