First tab is dedicated to ongoing ones, it means the ones we are currently editing right now, the second one the bigger one is composed by all the projects online here the completed. I have no clue if she is going to re up all her awesome projects again, she is busy right now and she made alot when she was very active! I want to watch the full version. Here u can find all the projectes we worked on so far! Sorry, I just want to ask, do you have ‘Hanayome kun’ drama cd? Ahahah happy to know u liked it! Anonymous 7 February at Roby85m 24 July at

Yeah u are right! When I have some free time I want help you in this wonderfull blog ;3. I like the serie sooooo far! Holidays from work are coming soon so I will be finally able to enjoy summer too! Roby85m 27 November at Anonymous 27 October at And even if you did not explain which tone I should get while reading your comment, I would never used your first option! I was just wondering because Suteneko no Karute was one of my favorites but doesn’t seem to be on the list anymore when it was before.


Roby85m 22 October at I might be confuse It has been my favourite Manga for a while now and it would be great to see it’s manga blcd made by you: I completed only 2 CDs in reality, but still enjoy!

Takahiro Mizushima

Cold Blood Kissy 21 November at Anyway, I will not lie to u saying I will do it right now Roby85m 23 February at I was just cruising around for raws, and guess what I found! Thanks for the support!!! Cold Blood Kissy 28 October at Then straight to the point both of your suggestions are pretty good! The “seem worthy” is such a big sentence She looks pretty awesome and incredibly fast!

Audio Drama (Drama CD/Seiyuu)

Roby85m 4 February at Really you found it? Have a nice day kisses. And wow, finally someone called for that manga too!

Rin Chan 14 February at Roby85m 23 October at I’ve read the one on fb private message too!!! Honestly I miss u too!

I like the serie sooooo far! And it’s still over there Holidays from work are coming soon so I will be finally able otokogoloro enjoy summer too! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Fluffy Kitty 3 August at I have been longing to hear their voices again. As always, you guys are awesome. I’m looking forward for your next project.

DreamingYaoiStudio ⚣ : MANGA+DRAMA CD LIST

When I have some free time I want help you in this wonderfull blog ;3. Views Read Edit View history. Kelly Nguyen 26 December at Thanks for requesting, we will do this project when we will take care of previous wishes! I support you no matter what. May I know which one r u talking about.?

Anonymous 13 September at HI Roby-San, how are you!!! Hopefully it will be online tonight!

Probably with time some rrama went offline! Anonymous 3 July at That’s probably because Viewfinder is an awesome manga. Anonymous 27 October at Kelly Nguyen 26 January at Anonymous 31 December at Kelly Nguyen 28 December at With time I will fix all the lost projects!