Watch something you actually like. The most satisfying act of violence ever has to be Ramsay and his hounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first was when she berated Jon about not including her in the meeting. Well Game of Thrones is about killing characters and creating tension, so lets do it by having the HERO of the story do something incredibly stupid and get the wildlings wiped out in the process. GRRM has said a dozen of times that these are two different media. So Jon is honorable and he is going to find out that Mel burned princess shireen.

The giant, the last of his kind, breaks through the door and falls to his knees. Still, I wish the writers went another way on this one. It was even more stupid given that Sansa told him the night before that Ramsay would do something like that. Rather strange since he seemed like Ramsays new bff, wonder if he will show his head still. As pacificist I know that war is horrible and that one needs to avoid it. That initial cavalry charge seemed heavily influenced by the impact of the Rohirrim into the orcs in Return of the King. When I watched some episodes multiple times, I caught more of the under-growth and better felt the subtlety.

Now,from a show perspective this episode made total sense. For the battle episodes I found Blackwater and Hardhome more to my liking.

His suicidal recklessness resulted in a brutal battle killing most of the wildlings and poor Wun Wun. I loved every bit of it!! The men are being crushed together, with the oncr growing smaller and smaller, closing in on them.


Most people are not responsible for the lives of thousands of people. And then Jon charges an army.

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This site is what keeps me going during the long Uppn offseason, so to speak. I absolutely hate Sansa right now because she feels like Little Finger light.

Damn Jon, why are you that human? Research and compare cars, find local dealerssellers, calculate loan vidfav, find your cars value, sell or trade your car, get a service estimate, and much more on.

She can actually make great speeches, gets armies to follow her, allies come searching for her and she puts her dragons to great use. Kit Harrington really outdid himself.

And if Jon knew there was a potential for that size of an army joining them-battle plans could have been changed and literally thousands of lives, and several mounds of bodies, could have been spared. But that was his brother. At ascension, 17 snow whites were flown with the vaisala rs90 radiosonde and at alcantara 21 snowwhites.

Seeing the three dragons together again was so fun. Having listened to some of my friends who watched it last night free of spoilers, I kind of felt a bit envious. Any word on what happened to Lord Karstark? Rather strange since he seemed like Ramsays new bff, wonder if he will show his head still. I really like the Meeren sequence for once but the battle in the north felt very cheap.

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The scene with Bericc versus the hound had a sword on fire. Sorry, but your opinion often feels like seasoh want to have a different opinion from everyone else just for the sake of it. I keep the two completely separate. Whether the alliance with the Greyjoys will work out in the end is questionable, but so far I like it. It was a mistake by Jon. Someone on the other thread mentioned how common this type of mistake is vidcqv the Starks- the heart overtaking the head.


He tears at Umber with his own teeth, and finally stabs him, killing Smalljon, as we rpisode horns sounding, and see the streaming blue-and-white banners of the Knight of the Vale, led by Sansa and Littlefinger.

Also loved how the wildlings instantly shielded him when he was injured.

I should have known better but … there it is. Wow, that was some fine piece of tv.

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bidcav I was raped by the taliban and i liked it seraphic secret. I think it is transport plane that has 32 seats in the rear of the cargo hold. Completely missed that, wonder if this is going somewhere since the Umber his death was singled out. Basically Ramsay lured him by his emotions and he choose to ride forward.