They do bad things: Will watch it again soon! I am sooo pissed! They do have some issues to work out. Man I wish I had a Tyrion in my life. I was so pissed off over it, my emotional reaction was so negative to it — that it spoiled the scenes for me.

From he reported from mazarisharif in northern afghanistan, covering that. The devil you know I guess? Not to mention he would have lost the respect of his men. I also agree that Jon fighting his way through the pile was a bit of a rebirth. My best guess is that Sansa grew up spoiled and not a little petulant and bratty. Really not one of my favorite episode this season. An Aerial shot when Jon stops beating Ramsay http:

Jon Snow leads, while Davos hangs back with their archers. So the mystery of his role continues. So, yeah no character progression for him at all.

The masters could then surrender as one dragon is trouble but three would lead them to defeat in their view. Someone on the other thread mentioned how common this type of mistake is with the Starks- the heart overtaking the head. Transformarea the transfiguration transformarea film online subtitrat gratis hd filme cu vampiri milo are 14 ani, este orfan.

She is best known for portraying sam in the australian thriller caught inside and lieutenant grace shepard in vixcav. In terms of the filming, I loved every second of it. He knew she needed closure and he allowed her to get it. Theories on next week: Hitting vidca still target beyond forty yards is extremely difficult. Shades of Henry V at Agincourt with the mounds of dead; men climbing the heaps to butcher each other.

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They just need to have a dragon cry out while Tyrion is having one of those awkward drinking conversations with Missandei and then they look out and see them flying away. When the ocne moved to Sansa and Littlefinger by her side I got the feeling that she wanted Jon to die in the battle before she takes the North for herself.


Has lived under the expectations and restrictions as a woman in a world of men, and has not only managed to transcend the rules, but inspire men to follow her. Her sending a letter to him and him showing up with Vale forces is paying back the dept he owes to her. There are people in between who like certain stuff and dislike other stuff.

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Another advantage to following this site during the off-season, while filming is going on — you get answers to some of these questions: And this mistake was in keeping with his character, with his blood, with his fucking family. He also eposode marriages, plays the game, negotiates and makes deals with the Iron Bank and the Wildlings.

That scene was beautiful. Can I just say: Ser Not Appearing in this SeriesYes, surely they will. It was brutal to watch and like an eye-opener to all of us, that this is what is war, even knowing that the good people will win.

I would have loved to upoon the Starkists following a plan that made sense instead of charging uphill against superior numbers. They deserve all of the acclaim that we can offer them, and more! However, in a previous episode, we saw the white walkers walking unscathed through fire.

In CoK, when Tyrion hears about Theon taking Winterfell, he should be eisode happy because that distracts Robb Stark who is enemy of Lannistersbut he is not happy.

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I loved it, and already rewatched. Amen to the last part. One of the best hours of GOT that there is. The Davos thing was silly, how he found out about Shireen.


She owes him nothing. Yep looks tmie I was wrong about Dany and agree with you on Sansa. Almost like Jon n sansa gossiped after the pre war meeting and jon told him that ramsey said his dogs r hungry.

These details clearly matter to the story, and criticizing these flaws is not unjustified, if you care about the plot making sense. Littlefinger, you came through. Kit also agrees with you haha. The taliban, as they now called themselves taliban is the plural of talib, literally one who seeks knowledge had a simple mission statement. So Jon is honorable and he is going to find out that Mel burned princess shireen.

A flight deck was built aft for the wasp helicopter which carried as12 missiles. Maybe realized he wanted to live and—wow this looks like the Mhysa shot with Dany.

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Through the crowd, Ramsay rides, tugging Rickon behind him, putting on a show and playing a cruel game. From he reported from mazarisharif in northern afghanistan, covering that. What an intense and satisfying hour of television.

The scale is unquestionably the largest ever, but it takes more than just scale to really achieve the epicness this show is capable of. Good guys winning, but some of the main characters people root for sacrifying themselfes. Should Dany conquer Westeros? Some small things that intrigued me.