Epic Mio ponytails backstory. Drop image files here or click to upload. I wished Norio Wakamoto was there in the generic numbers army It will simultaneously be the most awesome and hilarious thing ever, to hear him shout “NOOOO! Not the best episode tbh. Very random it was alright.. What should we add next?

I guess that’s why they call it Nichijou. The fantasy part didn’t getme, it was more effective the first time, because I wan’t expecting that. That episode was just unbelivable, so hilarious lol. What was with the gun in the book? What is My Phone Number. Also, the how to deal with an angry crow bit was really random but I still liked it.

I stood at the wrong exit and the train doors opened on the other side too. Epic Mio ponytails backstory. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: This segment and the “like love” skit following it made the episode for me.

How to add a video: Yuuko’s reaction to Mio’s coffee order was epic. Followed immediately by the sweetest skit Nichijou has ever done. Did you know every time you sigh, a little bit of happiness escapes? Drops the classical tsundere excuse-line and follow it up with the most anti-climatic shot that just flicks his nose bridge From one awkward moment to the other, poor Yuuko. Now it’s just old.

What is My Phone Number. Episode 15 Everyday Life No. Episode 22 Everyday Life No. Mai’s map hevletica priceless. Do not post links to copyrighted video content TV Episodes, Movies. Search on popular sources:. Yukko humiliating herself, I can really identify myself in that xD The show need Sasahara and Tachibana the crazy girl with guns.


The second half of the series is just so amazing. Not the best episode tbh.

Episode 17 Everyday Life No. Still made me laugh. Haha, I love the numbers guys. How to add photo or GIF from web: My favorite thing about Yuko is that she nichjou gets into those situations we can all relate to. Episode 18 Everyday Life No.

Episode 21 Everyday Life No. Episode 18 Aired on July 30, 25 min. Being Yuuko is still suffering, hang in there girl, it’s not far from the end now. Episode 7 Everyday Life No. Misato’s a pretty high level tsundere. I wished Norio Wakamoto was there in the generic numbers army It will simultaneously be the most awesome and hilarious thing ever, to hear him shout “NOOOO!

Nichijou episode 18

The tsundere needs better guns, her sister is awesome as well. Nice design and catchy soundtrack. I should have caught on to that final segment sooner. Helvetoca feel the embarrassment Yuuko had with thinking strangers are talking to you Jesus Christ, this anime xD As soon as he through the pom-poms off the edge I facepalmed and knew exactly what that entire lead-up had been for.


Episdoe episode was just unbelivable, so hilarious lol. That last one was too hilarious, now her hair is complete. BBCode A city’s greatness is determined by the speed of its internet connection. What should we add next?

The queen is such a sadist I like how every now and again this show surprises me with something serious, this time in the middle part about the woman trying to find a book, which actually had a revolver in it. Episode 25 Everyday Life No. Episode 8 Everyday Life Nkchijou. Very random it was alright. Nichijou Episode 18 Discussion.

Also, she looks a bit like a grown up version of Mio from K-On!

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Optional, please keep it short. Episode 14 Everyday Life No. Like how its boring and suddenly the punchline comes in the form of Mio’s ponytails lol Yukko really likes standing in the corridor now, character development. Helvetica Standard plays around with ghosts, spirits, and the like.