Elly prepares to tell Karl but learns her mother is coming. Toadie offers to talk to Lou, and Tad thanks him for his help. Connor explains how Jack stayed with his family in the UK and told him if he ever wanted to go to travelling; his parents would repay the favour. Lou and Harold agree to move in together. Phase A is complete, they just need to complete phase B, making it seem like they came up with the idea. Flick feels guilt over Marc. Lou goes to try again. Susan points out that it’s a shame Rosie’s plan hasn’t worked any faster.

Michelle and Joe become closer friends. Elly answers and, as Susan and Karl stand at the table bickering, Mal sneaks in and surprises them. Matt and Evan come to terms. David Karakai Amelia Moon: Benjamin McNair Dorothy Stevens: Steph inadvertently rejects Marc while Flick and Marc find they can’t avoid each other.

He asks Darcy if he can cover his rounds for him, but Darcy tells him he’s got a date. Liz makes a belated offer to have Elly in her life.

Darcy tries another tactic, but she tells him she’s got to go and catch speeding motorists on the High Street, and heads off.

David Karakai Liz Conway: At the Coffee Shop, Darcy is still trying to convince Terri to go out on a date with him, but she insists that she would rather be at home watching tv.

They rush over to see him and give him a big hug.

Patrick Harvey Marc Lambert: Toadie thinks he should jump at the chance, but Tad is worried about leaving Harold on his own, especially so soon after Paul moving out and with him only just coming out of hospital. The Greek Chorus affects Dee and Stuart’s relationship. At the pub, Darcy is on the phone to a radio show, telling them where the speed cameras will be located today in the local area. Turning back to Lou Tell him that Tad really needs this, otherwise he’s going to be giving up the opportunity of a lifetime.


Libby and Drew decide on Lou’s place.

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Darcy jumps to the conclusion that Mal is waiterring, and although Karl is quick to defend his son, he realises he doesn’t actually know what his job is. Matt has to face the reality of what he’s done. Connor tells her not to neighboours too long as she’s got to fill him in on the places to go. He tells him not to forget his records.

Leo stands strong for Matt. Terri arrives and Lou tells her there’s nothing dodgy going on, but offers to her to check the place neighboyrs. Benjamin McNair Dorothy Stevens: Lou regrets giving away his favourite things.

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Lou tells him to take care on the road, and reminds him to give Harold the odd phone call or two as he goes along. Darcy and Stuart try to episofe each other.

As he leaves, Mal gets a call, and is surprised to hear Connor’s name on the other end of the phone. Robyn Charlesworth Father O’Callahan: Robert Lowe Simon Nicholson: I just want to make sure.


Number 28 Elle is staring out the window wondering when her mother Liz is going to arrive, but Susan tells her it probably won’t be for a while yet as the plane has only just taken off.

Can you just take a compliment! Aleks Vass Siimon Shulman: Is Connor all he seems? Patrick Harvey Neil Episoxe Lou goes back into the bedroom and Toadie tells Tad that this will also be good for Lou and Harold. Michelle and Joe become closer friends. Libby challenges Drew to a day in her life. You may be cute but you’ve got a terrible memory, Rpisode going home to watch TV remember.

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Tad yells to Harold to go to sleep, as he mutters something in the background. Elle goes to open it, it’s Mal, who doesn’t say anything, but gives Susan and Karl a big shock when they turn around. Number 24 Lou appears from the bedroom and it would seem that the plan to get Harold and Lou to live together isn’t working that well.

Matt learns his likely fate.