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Sometimes, she targets Chamo with a black rose. This series rewrites the events of the anime, following a completely different route through the Star Crystal storyline, including reordering of events and changes in when and how pactios are formed. Please enable JavaScript on your browser , then try again. Winter anime which were licensed befor They follow their own color coordination with the letter of their first name across the top half. Darkness is closing in, and Negi is gonna need help from his lovely student bodies to drive the ghouls from their school. These girls want to prove that they’re the best in class, and extra credit is available to the cuties that aren’t afraid of after-hours phantom fighting! Sometimes, his direct conversations cause certain characters to break the fourth wall.

Motsu is the comic among the two, providing some occasional comic relief by doing comedic action, making random remarks, and taking occasional disguises for hilarity. Top 15 Anime Chibi Characters. But while she seems strange, the outfits of her roommates are even episofe questionable.

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Maze of the Dark sachiko 10 years ago. When they reached a circle, they were highlighted and changed their super deformed form. Retrieved January 18, In the English dub, she is voiced by Gwendolyn Lauagain in both identities.

For instance, Setsuna exposes her black epsode shorts worn under her skirt after she crashes into a dinnerware cabinet. You’ll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. Views Read Edit View history. This also includes some of their original characteristics, behaviors, and traits.


The focus is on the sports girls, particularly Akira as she watches over a pet arowana in the aquarium in her room and listening in on roommates Yuna, Ako and Misora. One of the few moments magisher Baka Pink gets a moment to shine is in the creation of a special movie by the Yukihiro Group”Yuke Yuke Baka Pink”, the preview of which is shown as part of a later omake yet ultimately is found not suitable epsode any audience as well as emphasizes the comedic rivalry between Makie and Ayaka in this rendition of the story.

Enable Javascript for better experience As the series progressed the show’s ratings declined. A narrator is used throughout the series to give light commentary, explain events, review and preview episodes, and occasionally interact or react to character involvement.

Satomi creates a special arm for Chao called the Super Power Hand. The anime was accompanied by a monthly manga series by Takuya Fujima called Negima!? Often, they are sub-grouped and rarely seen alone.

With a few exceptions, the cast of Negima!? So, for Nekane’s sake, everyone decides to keep this knowledge a secret, even from Nekane herself.

Preview Manga Manga Store. They have their own title card, which parodies the sentai series Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcanand have their own theme song. Retrieved from ” https: The first half was complete with all Suka versions of the thirty-one girls prior to the original version in the second half, in complete color with the quotes stanza for Evangeline, Chachamaru and Satomi. However, there are two major variations. The powers for each provisional contract differ from person to person.

Episode 19 English Sub 5: Tekketsu Kizumonogatari Part 2: Also, In episode 19, a nearly-full version of the opening song was used. Episode 26 Discussion MayuzumiYukie – Dec 10, The DVD version slightly changed this, adding new animation and scenes to the opening, including a moving card with the Narutaki twins, as well as using certain song variations never used in the broadcast version.


Magister Magi Drama episodes since episode 3 hasn’t shown itself in awhile. Dressed in englush formal attire with a black cape, ndgima, and a gold mask covering the left side of her face, she confronts Negi and occasionally members of the 3-A class.

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Chapters Episodes Characters Music. XD turn it up when takahata speaks. It will continue publication in June Episode 25 Discussion Wasabi – Oct 8, But before he can get his Masters in magic, the 31 schoolgirls of Class 3-A are gonna keep him up all night cramming for a final exam in will power.

They also have scarves like the original Super Sentai groups. However, under Studio Shaft, the characters have taken a redesign. Some of which surpass the others. Item Location see all Item Location. Magister Magi Drama ep.

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All four change their manner of playing their instruments as the song progresses. Even in the 4: Whenever he is not in disguise, he is typically seen wearing either a necktie, a mustache, or a tuft of hair.

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