They’ve saved a person in time to be home for dinner. I wrote up a recap for episode 4 for all those who are interested. Can the pure love of Since it’s a scifi fantasy kind of drama i just decided anything can happen- even randomly picking up a coffee someone abandoned by a railway. The staff are at the restaurant and the boss says that she thinks the friend has a problem and she asks Kei what he thinks and he says he thinks it is one-sided love and Alex says that it probably hurts her more since she saw the man fall in love with somebody she knows. That after he tells her that he will know what to do next. Alex is a nice guy but Kay is awersome. As a member of the popular Kara, Park Gyuri especially affected decisions to purchase the rights for the drama.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Yeo-Joo is shocked and Kei asks her if she is a girl and she says she will quit tomorrow if he wants her to. I really don’t know how they can solve people’s life problems so quickly. The plot is out of this world So when Kei overhears the truth about Yeo-joo’s gender and approaches her, I expected anything but what I got: Based upon what I know of Kei’s character, I have had a particular image in my head of how he’d react. Her stories are mostly more related to gumiho.

Kei is watching from above and when Jin leaves he comes out. It’s expected her story draft is not that good at first but this will be improved. On the date Kei remember that Jin told him that a girl with a crush like skinship from the crush and that being touched would make them go crazy.

Ji-Soo dies and Yeo-Joo goes to the Kei and he tells her to watch out for the man in the nail shop and the story is interrupted by Alex phoning her and asking if she is going to go to the nail class today and she tells him that she will.


She aub them that she even threw away her ring that Hee-Cheol gave her.

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It hurts when poked, but I can’t help poking it. I think he’s more interesting than Alex and he was always there for Bunny, to protect her and help her. Joon-Young comes through the doors with the girl that came in earlier who e;isode Yeon-Hee and asks who she came in with earlier and if it was the boyfriend. Wow what an exciting ending!! Angel Eyes Ep Engsub: Doesn’t anyone have any funny or interesting nail salon stories?

He goes to pat her head and she pushes his hand away and says she needs to go back to the salon. In all seriousness though, one of the strongest points of the episode was how Kei’s “homosexual” love for Yeo-joo is paralleled by the customer’s love for her friend.

This is like the “anti-Nine” show – Nine had a blow your mind script, and this one has a put your mind on the shelf script. He’s a cold, curt, quick-tempered guy.

Can’t wait for the next episode I feel like she has more chemistry with Kay By zzainal Started August 10, The drama has been running to favorable reviews in Korea. It’s definitely lacking in some areas, but as long as it can make me laugh, I’ll keep with it.

So funny when Jin thought he could trick Ji-Soo by wanting to break up and then she beats up the guys which makes him love her even more!!

Yeo-Joo then decides that she is going to work on her novel. Yeo-Joo is sulking in her bed and Ji-Soo tries to get her to go to work.


Alex is a nice guy but Kay is awersome. America and Canada has even been providing video-on-demand services with English subtitles. The drama episode is only less of an hour so we can’t expect that the drama and main characters would develop in just one episode right away.

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The doctor fires Alex. Joon-Young is talking with Kei and Yeo-Joo and she tells them that she is doing it for her and Kei tells her that it just sounds like she is jealous. Posted May 17, Yeo-Joo comes to her side and Ji-Soo tells her to never trust a human. Lee Gwang Jae is the son of a rich family I like the Key and Bunny couple. Yeo-Joo is there practicing and Joon-Youngand Kei go to the back and he sets up a bed for her and she tells him that they knew each other from school and that she was surprised when a pretty and popular girl wanted to be her friend and she then hid her feelings so she could keep staying close to her.

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