Dialogue was engaging, and I find her writing style is a nice balance between world-building and action, and pleasantly sophisticated in wording and ideas. Forced to work together to survive on a hostile planet, they fell in love and eventually marry, resulting in the conception of Miles. The Komarrans allow the neighboring expansionist Cetagandan Empire to invade Barrayar in return for commercial rights and concessions. The worlds of Barrayar and Athos, for example, suggest aspects of preindustrial Europe and America. They meet on an almost unexplored planet one day and need to join forces in order t I’m definitely sold on this series by now. Maybe Le Guin is as good as it gets?

In the course of the investigation, Miles survives yet another brush with death although his host, who has become ensnared in the plot, does not survive. Her fantasy from Eos includes the award-winning Chalion series and the Sharing Knife series. View all 51 comments. Jemisin The Obelisk Gate by N. The Saga’s internal chronology does not match the order in which the books were written. Ali dovoljno su dopadljivi da cu rado nastaviti sa serijalom. This unlikely partnership brings them closer, each learning to respect the other and change their perceptions and indeed prejudices.

Will definitely be reading the rest of the series. Even though you might not have read a single book in the Vorkosigan saga, chances are you are well aware of its existence. This Naimsith was initially shared online, but has since been withdrawn by request of the author.

Nebula Award for Best Novel.

The Miles Naismith/Vorkosigan Series by Lois McMaster Bujold

This is not your father’s science-fiction novel. The scheme is only semi-successful, as the clones are rescued, but Miles is killed by a needle grenade. The social challenges posed by medical technology are mentioned in the plot of several of the stories.

On the mipes back from his honeymoon, Miles is dispatched to Quaddiespace to untangle a diplomatic incident. This is the first book in the phenomenal Vorkosigan Saga and naosmith the first meeting and ensuing relationship of Miles’ parents, Aral Vorkosigan and Cordelia Naismith.


Discharged from the Barrayan Military Academy, Miles Vorkosigan chances on a jumpship with a rebellious pilot and arranges to take over serie ship. She doesn’t focus much on several sources of social organization and prejudice on Earth, for instance: Get to Know Us.

Aug 11, Caro the Helmet Lady rated it it was amazing Shelves: Also, as always in stories about humankind spread among stars, I get annoyed when language that protagonists use to communicate with each other is not mentioned.

In all the books except Ethan of Athos and Falling Freethe protagonists are connected to the planet Barrayar, home of the Vorkosigan clan.

Vorkosigan Saga (Chronological) by Lois McMaster Bujold

The planet is divided into 60 counties, and is governed by an emperor and a “Council of Counts. It is deceptively light in the beginning, but makes a sharp turn midway darker and deeper into military and politics, raising uncomfortable questions about duty, honour and conscience, blurring lines between good and bad.

In short, it’s a love story. View all 6 comments. She eventually flees to Barrayar to be reunited with him. There we A little dated but I really enjoyed it. The structure is also a bit wonky.

Ekaterin, professing after her bad experiences with her late husband to be violently allergic to marriage, moves back to Barrayar with her nine-year-old son, Nikolai, to stay with her uncle, Lord Auditor Vorthys.

The writing is absorbing, even though the story is quite simple. The humanizing of soldiers and victims of war in particular was well done naismithh heartfelt, and provided a grounding vorkozigan reality mirroring issues that are relevant today. And it all began here – Shards of Honor is Bujold’s debut novel. His romance with Kareen deepened while mipes were both studying on Beta Colony.

Book 6, 7, 7. Cordelia and Aral must traverse kms of hostile wilderness with a neurologically damaged man with them to face the people that tried to kill them both. Views Read Edit View history. But seriws after doing so the two are drawn together even though their worlds are at war. Cetaganda Ethan of Athos Labyrinth. It was complicated by his developing affair with Elli Quinn, who was adamant that while she had fallen in love with Admiral Naismith, she did not like Lord Vorkosigan at all.


Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. Both come to each other fully formed and independently complete, rather than requiring the other person to catalyze their growth into the person they will become.

Still new to her duties as Lady Vorkosigan, Ekaterin is working together with an expatriate scientist on a radical scheme to recover the lands of the Vashnoi exclusion zone, the lingering radioactive legacy of the Cetagandan invasion of the planet Barrayar.

Miles Naismith Vorkosigan is a ssries of a series of science fiction novels and short stories, known as the Vorkosigan Sagawritten by American author Lois McMaster Bujold. Back when I first picked up Shards of Honor as a Baen paperback with mediocre cover art this is true for the entire series, I’m afraid, even the omnibus editions, which seems to be Baen’s preference for all their covers and not to my taste at allI had no idea it would lead to such an impressive franchise over the next three decades and winning a stack of Hugo, Nebula and Locus Awards and nominations along the way, naismih some excellent novellas like Mountains of Mourning.

There’s an interesting supporting role was given to a seriously mentally damaged soldier. Later in the essay she points out that the setting is appropriate for a Regency romance in the style seires Georgette Heyerand in fact A Civil Campaign was compared by reviewer Anne McCaffrey to Heyer’s work; see the blurb under “Book Description” at this Amazon page.