Anaita helps Karan and Ria. Veer is holding Anaita and asks her to get up and everyone comes as well, later at the hospital Anaita is on the bed and Ria tells Veer that she will be fine. LifnA 1st Jul – Manmarziyan 2 states chap Zubair points the gun and fires at Ria but Anaita pushes her away and gets hit in the arm instead. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In this game of love..

Anushka killed Kabir and Udita. Anaita wakes up and says that forgive me instead and they both are Okay. Ashish Batra Harsha Shanbag. His brother works in a newspaper agency. Jignesh has a cable and after connecting they need a password, Ria tells them to enter Yunus and the bomb gets diffused. Zubair points the gun and fires at Ria but Anaita pushes her away and gets hit in the arm instead. See the full list here. RI 1st Jul –

They meet again in a new life only to uncover the mystery of their past life and rekindle their love. He says I feel crazy for you and Anaita says I feel the same and they dance in the candle decoration On the other hand Jignesh goes to Ria and says that you episore here alone and everyone is happy.

Anaita, Ria’s best friend, studies in the same college. Prev Post Manmarziyan 2 states chap Y u end it I learn lot of things form it, how to talk with girlfrnd or girl,s. Anaita stays in Ria’s house in Pune. Zubair takes aim of Ria and a shot is fired but at Zubair by the inspector and he falls cold.


Anushka killed Kabir and Udita. Zubair points the gun and fires at Ria but Anaita pushes her away and gets hit in the arm instead. chajnel

Pyaar ke iss khel mein. The only thing I loved in the show was Veer-Anaita.

Shuba 30th Jun – Views Read Edit View history. Iam gonna badly miss watching mastangi as now i cant see himani n ankit together Miss u himani miss u ankit N luv u both.

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They meet each other 21 years after that incident, certainly through reincarnation and named Karan and Ria. I luved watching veer aniata …. In this game of love.

Its seriously a shits yaar:: They study in St. He says that you always saw my rough and attitude side so see the soft one now.

Ria and Karan rekindle their love and Veer proposes Anaita. Karan opens the door and hears Veer say about Anaita that she was in so much tension and was thinking that all that happened was her fault.

She was involved in their tragic deaths. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Karan lives in Pune with his brother and sister-in-law. Coincidentally, he is one of the members of board of trustees of St. Retrieved 27 July Zuber becomes surprised to see the three of them and tries to find out their real identity.


Veer calls the officer who tells him that he has a meeting with the C.

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Ria’s father is a psychiatrist who tries to figure out Ria’s disease. Anaita feels that Ria is framing herself to be innocent and kind while portraying her as the bad one. Everyone takes a sigh of relief and Karan hugs Ria. Story, Screenplay and Dialogue: Two weeks late; Veer brings Anaita to a place decorated with candles shaped liked a heart and she is blindfolded and asks of what is going and what he is doing.

Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 20 February Last updated Jun 30, She says that she will think about it and Matangi says that this party is just an excuse as I want to tell you something and says Masangi love you. Welcome, Login to your account.