The highlight of the Mass was a procession with the Bible around the Valponasco home singing the opening song from the Godspel musical: Yet, throughout it all, she had always remained the center of joy in the house, calling the Sisters to herself, chatting amiably with them, and endeavoring to make herself as little bother as possible, never realizing that the Sisters treasured every moment they could shower their solicitude on her. At the same time St John Bosco had a similar experience where he was shown a group of girls abandoned in a courtyard. Was she improving any? We’ll live just like religious, so God will take good care of us! Yes, of course, she knew her catechism thoroughly – she had beaten all the children of the village in that years ago, much to the joy of her parents, who bragged openly of their daughter’s remarkable memory. Eventually she returned to Italy, even though the doctor told her not to.

It was here in that Don Bosco saw Our Lady walking about the institution and protecting it under Her mantle. In early April, Mary returned to Mornese. But as Mary bent back to her work and the perspiration trickled freely down her cheeks, her thoughts were far from boasting, even far from the friends that called out to her from the shade. Later, the film will be released on a DVD that could arrive in the communities by August 5. She was the eldest of ten children of Joseph and Maddalena Calcagno Mazzarelli. Studiously she attended class with the other Sisters and learned how to read and write. Sr Rita Fernandes as Mazzarello with animators.

Mother Mazzarello was not one to let events such as that discourage her so she took the sheets that they brought with them stuffed them with straw, and made makeshift beds for all of them. During the day we will take in village girls to teach them religion and sewing and cooking. Thanks from the heart! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Mary Mazzarello, then thirty years old, was considered the natural Superior or Mother, though of course her mszzarello was very informal.


St Maria Mazzarello was fascinated by the fact the group spent a lot of time studying her letters and visiting the places she frequented with her Sisters and girls.

They had a good view of the newly repaired bell tower of Mornese parish church and settlements in the distance overlooking the verdant valley skirted with vineyards. The official poster of the film.

She would only grasp tiny moments of sleep between tasks. Within a few hours, she was in the throes of a consuming typhoid fever.

In the hall, the companions of Mother Mazzarello were the focus of all attention.

But Death would take no excuse. After a miserable night of sleep they all awoke, but Mother Mazzarello could not get up. This site uses cookies. At age thirty-five, donned in a habit, she was now Sister Mary Mazzarello. A Brief Account of the Life of St. A certain “dream” tilm him, because he knew it was one of those “Dreams” that became the signposts of his ministry.

Mother Mazzarello congratulated the animators of the group Sr Maire and Sr Edna Mary for their relentless efforts in accompaniment of the group as well as imparting first hand experience on the spirituality of the Salesian Sisters. Remember that Our Lady is Superior of this Congregation. The priests and sisters about her began the Church’s prayers for the dying.

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Fifteen young women now comprised the Daughters of Mary Immaculate. June 24,St. Within a week her aunt and uncle were able to get on their feet again care for their family. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Maria Domenica Mazzarello.

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He ,adre up his pen and wrote to Mornese: After mutual exchange of gifts, the superior Sr Candida presented each one with Mother Mazzarello key chain and gelato.


In the World Conferences. Today it houses some 45 senior Sisters among them Madre Marinella Cas tagno 92 years old 7 th successor of Maria Mazzarello. Then we’ll pray together, and if you want to return home after that, I’ll go with you myself.

Of course, it could never be much now. Madre Marinella addresses Sisters in English. But, as long as it was for God she would do – and love it! There was in her only that simplicity which God had predisposed in such an elect soul.

But then she blushed at the thought as she always did when it came to her in the hours of prayer. Surely she was not delirious again! I know Mazzarelll wants me to follow it! She was canonized in and her liturgical feast is celebrated on May During these two years she made 44 visits to her 22 houses in Italy and France.

Maria Domenica Mazzarello

I would not like to see you as an embedded journalist even if you are with good FMAs. Throughout the narrative, Mother Mazzarello had sat mazzzarello still, her head bowed, her hands folded on her lap.

Those hands, roughened and cut by pebbles and briars, were meant mazzarlelo be helpful hands, to labor for others – hands of tender mercy to comfort and heal, to lift and strengthen. After dinner, the group gathered again with the Sisters of the Mornese Collegio community to felicitate them and thank them for the wonderful hospitality.