Tuesday, February 20th, Sunday, March 17th, Logan and Wheeler investigate the death of a police recruit. James Deakins Courtney B. The subplot about the supposed maltreatment that Manotti received by his nurse is inspired by a real investigation about Hawking’s nurse. As they attempt to track down the real identities of Willow, her boyfriend Holden, and the kidnappers, someone ups the ante by asking for an online ransom for the couple, demanding fans go to a website to save the duo.

Logan and Wheeler investigate when Josh Lemle, a reporter friend who had backed Logan after he had gotten himself exiled years earlier, comes to Major Case to report his own murder. Sunday, June 7th, 7: Silencer Goren and Eames investigate when a doctor who had testified in a case involving the deaf and controversial cochlear implants is murdered, and find themselves teaming up with a detective who interprets for the deaf as they try to get answers in a case where no one seems willing to communicate with them. Happy Family The bludgeoning of a rich family patriarch has the detectives investigating several suspects, each with their own motives: Captain Ross loses his objectivity, and jeopardizes the case, when an old flame becomes a suspect in the disappearance of her husband and his lover. Sunday, April 3rd, Sunday, April 6th,

However the daughter’s name is actually Mona – Lena is the name of Dr. While Barek and Logan search around for another missing girl, Eames and Goren work to uncover a mystery with a judge and his son.

Nicholas and Wheeler investigate when the partner of a con man who used his charm to scheme a lonely single mother, is found dead.

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Despite being trapped in a wheelchair he thinks to be the king of the hill. Anti-Thesis As Goren and Eames sift through the likely suspects in the murder of a university president and his assistant, they discover that the culprit is a wily adversary who has more than these crimes to hide.

Albatross A candidate for the next mayor of New York could see her election hopes dashed when Goren and Eames investigate her husband on suspicion of murder. Tuesday, November 21st, 9: A candidate for the next mayor of New York could see her election hopes dashed when Goren and Eames investigate her husband on suspicion of murder. Poison The detectives investigate a murderer who poisons hospital victims with cyanide.


The detective suspects the administrator has a weakness for valuable cars, but to make his case ingent, he has to exploit his quarry’s personal relationships.

The man spun his notoriety into a TV show but turned up dead on his birthday. Eames and Goren have twenty-four hours to look into the murder and turn their attention to the original investigation, contacting the original officer on the crimibal.

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When a bookkeeper goes missing, Goren and Eames are led back to the death of her brother, a hitman, two years earlier.

Thursday, December 6th, 9: Monster The murder of a woman in her apartment results in her son, recently paroled after serving 15 years for murder, becoming the prime suspect. Players Logan and Wheeler investigate when a judge’s son is murdered shortly after a rapper is sentenced in the judge’s courtroom, but soon realise that his friends may be more closely linked to his death than the rapper. The investigation takes a turn when a former classmate of Holden’s shares a screenplay he wrote about a cyberkidnapping that is eerily similar to the weepingwillow17 saga.

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Sunday, October 6th, 2: After a man is thrown to his death off a building, Goren and Eames discover an ongoing war between two private security companies. When the judge in a race-relations case is murdered, Goren and Eames sift through the likely suspects until they pick up a thread to a very unlikely one. Weeping Willow After popular on-line vlogger Willow is kidnapped during a live broadcast, Logan and Wheeler investigate the crime that they doubt may have ever laq.

Having consulted with the lead detective on the old case, Goren and Eames discover he was involved in a cover-up to rush other cases to closure.

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When Phoebe Morton is murdered syno;sis on the phone with a operator, Goren and Eames take the case and soon realize that Morton is one of five women murdered with a similar connection: Great Barrier alternate ending This episode was first aired with two different endings. The Insider When the father of a young woman who has been out all night clubbing is found dead in his boat house, Goren and Eames investigate the mysterious club owner only to realise that he is an undercover FBI agent and that the Bureau will not risk their anf operation even to stop a killer.


Goren risks the prosecution’s case by protecting an innocent third party who could lose everything if their own secret comes out. Initially they believe that Vanessa Nikos may have been killed so that her organs could be harvested, but soon learn that her death was more closely connected with the organ she initially received from living donor Boyce Wainwright.

Joanna Manotti Ann Dowd Logan joins the duo to find out exactly what is happening at the prison. During their investigation, Goren and Eames hear whispers about Lisa’s infidelities, but the real break comes when they learn that Lisa was not the first woman to whom Greg Ross had been connected who had died dwarr the same symptoms.

After Russ Corbett and his wife are found in a seedy hotel room, Russ dead of an overdose, Eames and Goren follow the trail of evidence to Bernard Fremont, a professional partier. Sunday, February 16th, Sunday, March 2nd, Suspicion then turns to the daughter’s biological parents John Shea and Melissa Leo and her birth father’s very jealous wife.

Retrieved February 3, When the junkie ends up murdered snopsis well, their investigation focuses on his college classmate, a man with a history of drugging and sexually assaulting women. Lonelyville When a dead woman is found tied up in a motel room, Logan and Falacci follow the leads to a lonely writer.