No memes, image macros, reaction images, “fixed” posts, or rage comics. If it catches my interest I want to try out the show. The only problem is that it’s about 70 episodes long which might be longer than you want it to be. CzowU6Ib [ Del ] i usually use animecrazy. Add – More Tytania. The [OC Fanart] flair serves for fanart made by you. Add – More Marmalade Boy.

Then watched SAO on netflix just for something new. Try searching for the image with one of the following sites: Anime info Airing show discussions Frequently asked anime questions Rewatches Weekly discussions Watch order guides Recommendations. When I was in highschool, I started Index and holy shit. The code to make a spoiler in a comment or text post body is: Then one of my friend’s girlfriend’s showed him Haganai, and I watched an episode with him.

Add – More Black Lagoon. I watched Lucky Star, then Haruhi, and the rest was history. Add – More Yakumotatsu.

Add – More Ueki no Housoku. Rebuild of Evangelion 2 released movies out of 4 try to watch the original series first. Im expecting Mushishi’s end to combine alot of the stories though ultimatly. If you like a thinking mans anime, Code Geass. Add – More Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.

Guess you could include Paranoia Agent in there as well, since my friend strongly recommended it a while back. Add – More Haikyuu!! The show spends a lot of time examining the ways of the world, poking and prying at deeper issues, and asking questions about what it is that makes us who we are. Add – More Epixode Movie.



Read naruto and bleach consistently but stop watching anime around spring I’ll anilinjz to second Avatar: Want a longer list from a highly experienced watcher?

Add – More Kobato. Add – More Jigoku Shoujo. Add – More Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Add – More Natsume Yuujinchou. Add – More Ergo Proxy.

Not really because I found it boring or anything. Add – More Yebisu Celebrities 1st. Friends have been recommending it and it came into Netflix so I’m biased.

Flair your posts Do episide post untagged spoilers.

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Nayuki Jul 16, 1: Add – More Nishi no Yoki Majo: Only seen the first few episodes. Add – More Hana no Kage. Epieode about 20 anime over this summer.

Add – More Durarara!! Add – More Tonari no Totoro.

Add – More Fairy Tail. Add – More Vampire Knight: The katanagatzri are all heroines because men lose it too quickly and go all monster, and there’s a gem of a backstory, the usual “everything is not the way it seems” continuing story and some very good moments, although it comes with some clumsy production and overdone bullet-time talky in some places: Negima, plenty of Panty shots but a magical anime that is both exciting in action and funny when it needs to be.


But sometimes I also download anime on nyaa. Add – More Saiunkoku Monogatari.

People who stopped watching anime for some time, which anime “re invoked” your interest? Sub is the only way to go for it, though.

Sep 18, 2: I get to watch oldschool shows like Lupin or Gundam Wing live! It was Kill la Kill for me, gave me something entertaining to watch every Thursday for a few months, definitely a fun ride. I stick with Soul-Anime.

People who stopped watching anime for some time, which anime “re invoked” your interest? : anime

Animefreak, Dramacrazy, Animecrazy and Mangareader HvgIP [ Del ] Bump. Saw Steins;Gate, decided to give it a katanagataari. I got about episodes of Attack on Titan but couldn’t really get into it.

Add – More Haru wo Daite Ita. Katanaagtari Angel is probably the only anime that i love that no one here knows about.

Add – More Nijuu Mensou no Musume. Also was the first anime I watched in Japanese. All fanart posts must flaired and posted appropriately.