Or is it similiar to Tyland where they call trans-sexuals ‘ladyboys,’ cause I don’t care for that name. How do I come out to my family? Anonymous on April 14th, Try working on the resonance of your voice. Apr 23, 11, 0 0. It actually felt good to verbalize my thoughts.

Should there be any changes made to the rules or divisions? Julie I have never been to a hair salon. I try to keep everything as gender neutral as possible to please both parties. Body language is a big one. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Oct 7, 19, 2 0 Silent Hill morningproject. A crazy show indeed, but what I loved was the fractured English subtitles.

This one is begging for the gif treatment: It actually felt good to verbalize my thoughts.

I have 3 episode of gakkou e ikou! Gig One man’s junk is another man’s treasure Aug 4, This just made me smile a lot Evan. Japanese people, you kill my bonerz everytime!! I want to watch the Tokyo Girls’ Collection!!

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You can cut your hair a little shorter it will grow back! Thanks for taking the time to respond both of you, I’ve been thinking about the right way to approach this for a while now. I have just my pinky nails colored right now.


They remind me of the instruction books that used to come with Japanese electrical goods about 20 years ago. I’d hit it, at least: Download Gakkou e Ikou! Hey, what happend with eps Although I still can believe that a guy who is kind of girly ie.

Tsubaki Member Aug 4, Guys are not as expressive as women, and eoisodes don’t speak with their hands. Sign In or Sign Up.

Door2Dawn Banned Aug 4, Reply Pardise Thread Link. Sep 25, 68, 3 0 And other than my arms most of the rest of me is clear of hair or getting there.

It dosn’t sound like anything I,d be interested in. Greatness Gone Banned Aug 4, Thank you for all the great info ladies! Since then, though, Kodama Kentarou has done the same thing again, as can be seen on YouTube here:.

Those crazy japanese

My favourite episode is where the six boys take part in the “Tokyo Girls Collection” fashion show, which they all seemed to be enjoying immensely!

Skip to main content. She probably knows of somewhere. Feb 8, 4, 0 0 Erie, PA. Jan epiaodes, 25, 0 0 Seventh Ring. Not sure if I’ll do anything for spring.


Thought about a red and pink for V-day. The next members is Aiba and Sho, it was so funny what they made the guys say to them.

Boys turn into cute girls on Japanese TV show (Josou Paradise)

XD Yeah, when you look at them the second time the wig the make-up just disappears… it does! May 19, 25, 2 0 Maryland. Well when you are able, don’t be ashamed of revealing your gender questioning. Notify me of new comments via email. Since then, though, Kodama Kentarou has done the same thing again, as episodex be seen on YouTube here: Nov 5, 52, 0 0 SF Bay Area. Of course red,white and blue for July 4th.

Anonymous on June 6th, I already have it, but thanks for providing the download! Ferrio Banned Aug 4, I found dpisodes quite fascinating and of the six boys who appeared on it the most, my favourite is Kodama Kentarou.