He can make you laugh even when he is not talking. They appealled to the police to release the corpse to enable the family plan a befitting burial for the deceased. We were like executive lodgers in the sense that we were fun-loving fellows who could check into a hotel without being in a hurry to check out. In his usual humorous manner, he responded: Prince Emeka Ani Stars: Vanguard, 12 th August I was born in

That brother really funny! In theatre arts, we talk about an actor occupying space but few actors fill space. Crystalgirl Well-Known Member Jan 6, GoodluckJonathan, to ensure that his legacy does not die. Don’t really watch dem films, but i’ll go for Mr Ibu Infact read in an interview that dude said he fed on lizards all tru the civil world. Right now, that man, Sadiq Dabar is alive, nobody is celebrating him but by the time he goes, they would remember he was so great.

We lived in the same place, slept on the same bed and ate from the same plate. Leadership, 14 th August Jphn heard President Jonathan eulogizing Sam Loco. He had for many years distinguished himself as a rare talent for both television TV and stage drama.

He celebrated his drinks. Meddeen New Member Jan 6, Since then no other festival of such standard had been organised. He brought smiles to the faces of Nigerians with his witty roles in almost all his movies. Let us start from the beginning. He took life very easy.

He described him as a serious performer who set a standard in the industry. Unfortunately, Nigerians called him the Nollywood actor. President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday joined millions of Nigerians to pay tribute to the late Sam Loco.


I saw the first part of this comedy and I must say it’s a good movie. Although only an autopsy can reveal exactly what killed Mr.

Nkem is the best, period. Simple, indeed, Sam was. Watch him as Usuofia in London, whether he has been to Cambridge, or is a Prince ere whatever position he gets, he will staill make you laugh And his face is the part. In fact, he was like a pathfinder in that path of telling children stories and singing for them. In fact, he was a genius. Some even womanise while the female ones take delight in promiscuity as a culture.

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And so, he never remarried. And to buttress dam, he noted: But be financially empowered. Watch this hilarious comedy as they do their best to crack your ribs. Except when the Governor is commissioning a project, then, they would be called for a command performance and it ends there as compared to those in the round leather game.

He took off from there to Benin.

He returned to Nigeria with a vision for the entertainment industry. Film production started only few years back in Nigeria.

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This country does not care to celebrate their best hands in any field, unless those who steal and commit crimes that are rewarded, unfortunately Another professional ally of Sam Loco, Soibifa Dokubo, a prominent theatre practitioner and photo documentary person gave a fresh insight about the late ace actor.

John OkaforVictor Osigwe. And those who can hustle and lobby and have never impacted anything positive in the country are being recognized and given National honours and awards.

John Okafor cracks me up. I think it is absolutely unkind and wrong.


See How To Advertise. He can make you laugh even when he is not talking. It was big tragedy for him because he was a man who sincerely loved his wife but unfortunately, he lost his wife. Many of them are drug addicts while majority are great consumers of wine, tobacco and marijuana.

Adieu Efe, lovers of comedy say! Unbreakable Video Drama 6. How well have the authorities both federal and state treated artistes?

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Following Jesus is about service, not status. The immense respect I had for him and still have for him jovies his penchant for very high level of professionalism. It thus becomes a sad story to have had the likes of Dagrin, Adekwagh and Aromire die in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

In a release signed by the senior special assistant to the governor on media matters, Hon. Even before the swm of Nollywood, he was a properly bred stage actor. Audible Download Audio Books. In my days, it was a taboo, especially in the East where I grew up to have sex without marriage. He was prevailed upon to do so and when he eventually did, it was discovered that the actor had died. Sam Loco Efe, died last Sunday.

Lovo will use this opportunity to call on the president, Dr.