Back in the bazaar, a little girl is passing out some lost and found pamphlets regarding her missing doll looking like Angel as she reached Ruby’s booth. The Jewelpet Cafe is once again bustling with customers thanks to the new Roll Cake the girls included in the menu. As Chiari and the others arrived, the pets prepared them some food using some of the food they didn’t use. Back inside, the pets were almost losing hope due to heavy competition the new cafe is putting on. Azusa appeared and was amused on what she heard as they then discussed about it, and everyone decides to help out for the upcoming play. But Ruby knows the only way is to join hears with their humans friends and Peridot thinks differently on how they were obtained. In the cafe however, things gets worse with Angela, being all torn out from what Takumi told her and the girls tried to cheer her up but got pushed back and out of the shop by her continuous growing wool.

Meanwhile for Garnet, her friend searching continues as she got no luck even asking both Nene and Ruruka. He himself somewhat bragging about his partnership with Sapphie in front of others as he then greeted Angela and treated her as a customer. However before they do, Chiari asked about the girl beside Peridot. She also stated that she’ll call Jewelina to appoint her as the cafe’s manager, fueling Garnet’s desire to work harder. Chite, Tata and Lapis. Ruby however thinks that he’s a dog but he corrected them, stating he’s a rabbit like her. After a long day, Chiari and her friends were going back to their dormitory while the Pets stayed back at the cafe, thinking on what to write on what is meant being happy.

But with many tries, Charlotte costume ideas didn’t actually work out to the other pets as she used her magic and down in a Biker Delinquent Costume. Back inside, the pets were almost losing hope due to heavy competition the new cafe is putting on.

Ruruka came up happness an idea and decides to help Angela out until Jewelina called Asano through the academy. He then greeted Yuku as he got embarrassed when Ruby told him about Taira’s love of Jewelpets.

They then noticed Dian and then give them some samples of the cakes the girls baked in the cafe, with Marie’s group eyeing on him and knew it was their chance. Back at the cafe, the party is underway and they all eat through the celebration as Ruby told Garnet about the Karaoke.


As she went to get the cart jeweloet the academy, she encountered Taira who is just passing by and then helped her carry the dairy to the cafe.

The other pets are doing the same and Garnet is busy cleaning as Sapphie told her to make the uniforms. However, with her friends, things didn’t go well as expected as the cafe is considered abandoned and needs a lot of happibess for them to prosper and to reach that goal Ruby is expecting.

The girls agreed on her idea as it will boost the sales for the cafe, however Rossa has a good plan regarding the subject. The other pets were amused that she did all those without relying on her Jewel Pod and Chiari and the others decided to give Arisa and Yanma a tour on Jewel Town.

She then went to the girls if she can help them with the fireplace and decided to make Santa appear with her magic, but she ended up destroying it. Back at the cafeteria, Jasper finished fixing the aircon as he switched it on, but instead it played a lot of loud music.

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At the cafe, the bird itself introduced herself as Rin, a Parakeet Jewelpet who is the blue bird Jewelina mentioned. As they had a little talk and left, Ruby told the girls the situation in the cafeteria became worse and Jasper is trying to fix it.

Azusa however stated that jewlpet the small things can make people happy but Titana ignores it. Ruby helped them as she used her magic to rain down a lot of prepared Mochi as Ruby apologized and left.

Watch Jewelpet Happiness Episode 46 English Subbed Online

Chiari asked what can they do to help her, and Ryoko answered that she should host an election on which Jewelpet is popular. At the field, the boys were practicing for the track meet while Sachi is happinwss them.

Now, she and her friends now must work together for the cafe to prosper, stick together through good and bad luck as well as protecting the Jewel Box from being stolen.

Back at the cafe, Chiari is discussing with Nene and Ruruka about their cheerleading to epiwode the cafe’s sales. However he then gave her another chance to take his offer and work for the new cafe, something she is confused on.


Jewelpet Happiness Episode 46 English Subbed

As he parked his boat, he spotted Ruby in the distance as he thinks she’s running towards him but she was just greeting her friend from Sweetsland named Sakuran, a Sakuramochi Sweetspet. At the Academy, Machiko is thinking hard on what Labra told her until she saw Rald juggling as she got inspired for the next chapter of her manga. Teacher Azusa then appeared and gave the girls a warning not to talk to everyone.

Later, Titana, Ruby and Garnet were thinking more about what act should they do on jewellpet tomorrow’s comedy show until they heard someone scream.

Both of them made it to the park and go look for her, until Chiari spotted Labra, Angela and Rossa in the park. Sapphie herself is worried as Nephrite told Garnet to bring the jewlepet some desserts as she rushed to the kitchen. A while later, Chiari and Ruruka has just finished class for the day while discussing about Nene’s vacation in Australia.

Jewelpet Happiness – EP 46 Eng Dub

Despite that Charlotte is keeping the academy safe, she is still worried and prepares a powerful counter spell all over Jewel Land. After he made the holder of the jewel jewrlpet laugh, Angela asked Titana to host a comedy show in the cafe for the happuness and invite their friends over as he agrees. The girls do agree that she is being honest for once, but they never knew Marie is using this as another excuse as Marie is overlooking at their conversation.

That morning in the Jewelpet Cafe, the girls were doing their morning exercise routine, all feeling refreshed until Jewelina appeared with Kosuke all dressed up in a strange uniform. Rossa went to her and looked at her up close, admiring on how she is similar to her. After the chase, the four were all epiaode and Marie told Charlotte she has no idea what happened to her and she even didn’t want to take the Magic Gem.