How long will Khushi survive in the office? How is it alright for Arnav to take the decision that his Di is too delicate to hear the news of her husbands infidelity? Jaya March 31, at 9: Later, Khushi is upset as she fails to buy any silver or gold on Dhanteras. Khushi tells Madhumati about meeting Arnav at the temple. Arnav brings his lawyer in the meeting and tells Akash to sign the legal document.

Will the Raizadas accept Khushi? At the Raizada house, Arnav gets full support from Anjali for his decision to break up with Lavanya. While a frustrated Lavanya drinks, Shyam escapes the party. Nani refuses to let Lavanya stay with them any longer, but the latter shocks everybody by proposing to Arnav. Arnav saves her and clears all accusations after reading the letter. Madhumati welcomes Arnav to her house. Jaya April 1, at Shashi is being introduced to the Raizada family.

Later, Shyam misbehaves with Khushi. Khushi’s earring gets stuck in his coat. Anjali feeds him and reassures Khushi, leaving her feeling guilty.

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Did Shyam convince Anjali to stay back? DN with K refusing the award? Payal is anxious when Khushi remains unconscious for long. Anjali informs about the accident and requests not to tell Shyam, Akash and Gupta family.

Khushi informs Payal about the Raizada family’s decision.

Khushi decides to commit suicide, donating everything she owns to her family. Arnav brings his lawyer in the meeting and tells Akash to sign the legal document.

But Manorama threatens to cancel the order. I can ignore the background check from ASR since he did give the responsibility to Akash and would had complete faith in him and went ahead with the deal, that was oblivious with his surprised expression when the Cons entered the conference hall. Epsode, Arnav hurts the family when he brings a new air conditioner and toiletries in the house. Quite a few miles added on to that RTR today.


Nani is upset with Lavanya and wishes to see a girl like Khushi in the house. While practicing for the competition, Madhumati catches Shyam secretly looking at Khushi.

Heer’s family is against her marriage with Ranjha and she is slated to be married to someone else, because of which Ranjha is heartbroken. What do they want? Later, Shyam offers help with the money to be paid to Anjali. I remember in her first wedding, khushi was much younger than her. Akash apologises to Payal on behalf of Manorama.

She notices Anjali ordering Shyam to change his white shirt. But that’s completely a personal change. What has Anjali learnt about Shyam?

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Garima and Khushi have an emotional connect. Thats the first thing that came to my mind. Madhumati welcomes Arnav to her house. Khushi tries to get rid off the alphabet ‘A’ written on her hand.

Shyam prepares sugar free jilebis for Arnav. Nani talks to Laxmi about her plan with Khushi. Sttarplayer, Arnav shocks her when he agrees to marry Lavanya in front of the guests.

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Raizada family is desolate after the wedding ceremony. On meeting Anjali, Khushi changes her mind about exposing Shyam. Meanwhile, Manorama torments Payal, but Akash supports her. Anjali asks Khushi about their fight.


Meanwhile, Shyam feels that Arnav has a plan against him. Nani and Lavanya continue their ipkkns fight to make Khushi stay. However, he manages to take the imprint of the key. Arnav asks Khushi to leave the house. What makes Khushi realise her love for Arnav? Mads thanks for asking that question which was in my mind for long time too, but tend to forget to ask here.

Arnav’s family starllayer surprised to see him calm.

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What does he do? Arnav is pleased to see the Gupta family lagging behind. He almost shouts, remembers just in time that he’s dumb, and holds back Akash panics when Nandkishore talks about his life after marriage. Hey girls, just logged in after a hectic day Anjali waits patiently for her husband to turn up so that she can break her fast as well.

Meanwhile, Arnav finds an old note written by Khushi.