He is just not convincing enough, and the mayor is another one that is misplaced. And mind you Madi and Mdu were preparing for their wedding. What else happened guys. There is also a woman who is a student played by Linda Sokhulu at university. Very impressive, intense but very relevant. Is the Khuse Family Cursed? Thanx for the info.

VuVu and Bab moloi are my favorite. Very impressive, intense but very relevant. Yho i must remember to watch Intsika today. Sobza 20 Sep He is more friends with the Sibiya family. The fight against corruption is at the core of this drama series and the face of this corruption is worn by the mayor, Malusi. We give each learner an opportunity to showcase and be vigilant of the environment and outside world. The leading man though does not do it for me.

I think the brother just loves this chikitha and yena uLinda left her abusive polygammy husband. Mina I want Hlalakwabafileyo jovie and Bophelo ke Semphekgo. The pregnant woman is gonna lose the baby but I hope not. Its a better soapie though, and you can see its written by people that have a good understanding of black people to an extent. The day was filled with activities as the venue allowed us to play, interact and entertain one another.

We create a safe and happily environment for our learners. It plays very late man.

She was just lying there like Precious in the movie Precious. They are writers on Sokhulu and Partners too, if I’m not mistaken. What time is the other drama Cheesa? Imagine then take action of your imagination with calculated risk.

Its primary intention is to explore the theme of manhood, and what it means to truly be a man in modern South Africathe values of manhood take us into the realms of leadership, honour and community. Our learners have proven to ihtsika personal, academically and intellectual through the programs we run. The things that mother did and said were just shocking.


GoXtra News: Intsika on SABC 1: Finally things are done the Nguni way

It was fulo like Intsika to me not that captivating but I watched. They must only bring back Society and Home Affairs if they continue the storyline, I cant handle the repeats no more.

And mind you Madi and Mdu were preparing for their wedding. Instika 20 Sep Cheesa 22 Sep Zone 14 for me is those dramas u just watch coz they on tv just like Generations nothing wow just watchable, if I miss it fine, but if Im in the house I might aswell watch it.

She is just so unpredictable and I fukl tell what she will do next. I’ve noticed now that mostly leading men are chosen based on their looks most of all then the rest follows.

He has fought with his father many times about it but they have kissed and made up. Oyisayibalisi kamandi mynametjie le drama uShreds and Dreams I intsi,a watch last week.

Intsika Yesizwe Institute of Learning

I’m sorry fkll bringing it up. Mafresh 20 Sep The leading man though does not do it for me. I watched the Shredded Dreams movue last night for the first time. Cheesa 23 Sep Two weeks ago his Jozi girlfriend pitched up looking for him and begging him to return to Joburg.

She wanted to be taken care of by a school going child. The purpose of the course is to provide participants with a comprehensive knowledge base skill as it covers theoretical and practical lessons. I hope they bring him down with all his sins.


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Monday, 22 February As for Ndonda nam shem I’ve never liked his acting but I think its better on Intsika than other dramas I’ve seen him acting gull Click here to login or register.

But thanks for reading and understanding. Join our Film Community on Social Networks. I want to see how Vuyo is going to be like now. What else happened guys.

Intsika Yesizwe Institute of Learning

Intsika i like coz im fascinated by IsiXhosa. The one part I missed, is everyone thought Sledge was dead but now that he is back, no one assumed he was a ghost or gave a proper instika for his return. Nina is a true Moloi shame Palesa is caught in their evil lives. I only watched 2 episodes tsa Intsika, i’m gonna start watching it again. The pictures illustrate the event setup and activities that took place on the day. In the beginning I also questioned the Zulu that is spoken with the Xhosa accent, but they included it in the details.

Ntoko Yonda is def hottt I’m sad that I’m missing on watching that hottness lol. She kills me shem I like her. Kaydee 20 Sep She should have fought and threatened the old man. So in two weeks its over. Cheesa 21 Sep