Nevel finally feels he has had his revenge for the”iCarlys” not regaining his popularity after the incident with the man in a wheelchair. Soon, Carly has an over healthy dinner, she gets sprayed by a tick-gaser, and then Mrs. Comedy , Drama , Family ,. Then both of them claim to be in a band to impress two girls. Spencer has dinner with these so-called friends but can’t stand them because of what they like to talk about. Sam knocks him out and sells the head. In other countries, like Norway , this episode is called “iShock The World” or translates into it. This episode is the second time in the series that iCarly face charges.

Soon, Carly has an over healthy dinner, she gets sprayed by a tick-gaser, and then Mrs. Sam, Freddie, and Gibby arrive and Carly says that they all had good times in this apartment and remembers one time when they were all sitting on the couch watching on TV an episode where the characters were doing flashbacks from past episodes fake footage of past episodes. Nevel finally feels he has had his revenge for the”iCarlys” not regaining his popularity after the incident with the man in a wheelchair. Carly returns home sick after a trip and discovers that One Direction has accepted an invitation to perform on their web show. Bushwell after Spencer forgot to pay their rent after they moved in, and Carly accidentally stabbed him. Meanwhile, Freddie and Gibby discover being in a band has many perks Freddie successfully finds Nevel in the iCarly studio. Please help us to describe the issue so we can fix it asap.

Once Nevel finds out, he dresses as a purple robot and give the “iCarly’s” candy, which changes their voice and freaks out many people.

iCarly – S 6 E 9 – iFind Spencer Friends

Before it explodes, Spencer throws it down the hallway where Chip is preparing a tub of super glue for another prank. It is the third hour-long episode to be produced as two episodes the 99th and th but broadcast as a single episode. Retrieved from ” https: In the end, Sam arrives just in time to rescue them and beats everyone in the party with her butter sock while wearing night vision goggles.


Edit Did You Know? Sam’s friend gets out of juvy and Sam warns everyone to stay away, but Carly doesn’t listen and finds herself in over her head. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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The final season saw the iCarly gang getting more popular. Carly dresses up as a life-size serving of tuna sushi, Sam dresses up wath a hat with “hand sanitizer” on it, and Freddie dresses up as Lewbert. The opening sequence has been modified in this episode to showcase more footage of the upcoming episodes this season. He also had trouble with the phone when his special doctor, Dr. Tina Fey as herself. Back at the loft, Spencer finds a pair of night vision goggles.

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At the diner the gang meet a crazy fan called Heather who goes nuts over seeing them. Howard is out of earshot. Meanwhile, Sam and Gibby open a secret restaurant named Gibby’s in the basement at school.

Not long after arriving, band mate Harry becomes sick and we see Carly doting over him. All the partygoers clap and cheer as Onlline is then suspended once more.

Nevel finally feels he has had his icarrly for the”iCarlys” not regaining his popularity after the incident with the man in a wheelchair. Sam tries to intervene by sending Gibby icrly go on a walk and trying to talk to Wacth, but when Gibby returns later, Billy attacks him and Sam beats up Billy with a Butter sock.

Carly and Spencer are about to leave their apartment on April Fool’s Day because they are evicted by Mr. Carly awaits her father’s arrival in Seattle to escort her to the Father-Daughter Air Force Fruends, but she gets a message saying he is unable to come.

People blame Jimmy for the incident by saying he deliberately wanted Gibby’s pants to fall. Carly and Freddie are alone in the studio and kiss for the last time before she departs. After Chuck and some of his 8th Grade friends pull a prank on Spencer and steal his clothes, Spencer calls the cops on Chuck and finally gets rid of him by getting him sent to military school. Then T-Bo comes in the loft in the elevator and they bet that Carly cree stay at the Bensons’ all night and if she can handle that, he would not come to the loft without asking and she could go back to the Groovy Smoothie.


Later on, while they are at Groovie Smoothie, Dana invites Carly to her party, and Carly couldn’t be any happier, but Sam knows that Dana is up to something.

Gibby tries to salvage his phaser, but Freddie confirms it has gone beyond repair. Freddie’s phone “Samsun” is a parody of ” Samsung “.

Sam says she will help them book their own gig. The exploding phaser blows up the tub, and Chip gets thrown back by the explosion and glued to the elevator’s doors. Frienss comfort Carly, Spencer asks to take Carly to the dance, and she accepts. Because of this, they angrily split up to find out who the purple robot is. Dan Schneider creatorJake Farrow. Meanwhile, Spencer starts a fire for the 18th time after fixing the snow woman which nearly burns down the living room, so the fire department refuses to put out any future fires, which causes Carly to be upset at Spencer and she forces him to make up with them.

Edit Cast Episode credited cast: After this the fire department refuse to respond to Carly and Spencer’s fires for good.

To apologize, Spencer brings burnt fudge nut brownies to the fire department, but they make him volunteer at the fire department, where he starts a fire. Meanwhile, Sam and Carly get their omline voices back, and Freddie probably does too.