He finds a clue in the signing out book which leads him to the nursing home and comes face to face with Sarah Frobisher-Smythe. Nina realizes Victor has his own copy of the Zodiac but his is more complete! The Sibunas, of course, are told by Eddie and K. While Nina and Fabian try to take the amulets off Victor, he nearly awakes from the sound of Nina cutting the amulets off him. Patricia has bad dreams about Rufus and pictures everyone in her class with his face. Jerome manages to escape while they talk, but just as Nina is about to close the passageway, Rufus grabs her arm to stop her. KT and Eddie try to escape but the sinners tell them not to leave and to hand over the key; but Eddie shortly realizes they do not have it, Ammut is unleashed and asks for more souls; it turns out Denby changed the recording to say that they needed the staff to stop Frobisher. Mick rudely breaks up with Amber after she skips too many dates.

Francis Magee as Victor Rodenmaar Jr. Bobby Lockwood 3 and Tasie Dhanraj 3. Sibuna work on getting into the secret room. Fabian makes Jerome reveal his plan to Mick and this makes it so that Amber and he are back together — at the expense of Alfie. Nickelodeon portal Television portal. The gang manages to pick up the next puzzle piece when the midday sun reflects through a chandelier in the hallway of Anubis House and reveals a secret panel in the wall. New American pupil Eddie Burkely Duffield becomes rivals with Patricia, even though they are just hiding the fact that they are attracted to each other.

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Cup of Ankh at bottom of stage, Season 2: Rufus then visits Trudy and interrogates her about deawakening dollhouse, but when she doesn’t give enough information, he tells her he no longer needs her, much to Trudy’s dismay.


Victor spots the amulet around Amber’s neck and confiscates all of the pupils’ jewelry by invoking an obscure school rule.

Sibuna lets Patricia in on the secret, and debates the possibility that Victor might be drinking an elixir that gives him eternal life. Mick apologizes for being so rude to Amber; however, he says that they “are mates, not dates” — implying that he does not believe that the two should be together.

Jerome tries to escape to keep his secret a secret from Mara and Willow. Harriet Denby was the original keeper until Caroline was adopted. The Collector intimidates Jasper into giving him the key to the exhibit, but Trudy finds out and becomes suspicious. And just as Nina is getting over the speed at which Amber is aging, Alfie turns into a baby Trudy finds him and thinks that he had stolen the reawakkening.

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The kids arrive at their next challenge: Hkuse, Trudy gets closer to the truth about Vera. Joy allows Jerome to think that she wrote the article, and that she knows Jerome’s personal information regarding his father because Mara told her.

Robert is now old and very proud of KT. Nina and Fabian see Victor with some chemicals and become suspicious. However, one of the most popular students, Joy, mysteriously disappears — leaving Nina in the firing line from her suspicious new roommate because Joy disappears the same day that Nina arrives.

List of House of Anubis episodes

Gran’s condition deteriorates and Fabian makes a horrific discovery oc the hospital: Patricia and Eddie as well as Alfie and Willow are now back together. Trudy cleans out the attic youse prepare a guest room and throws out the dollhouse. Joy and Jerome wash Mara’s dog on their first date and they start to get closer. The Sibunas learn that Eddie had backup files on a USB drive, even though they tried to infect the picture files on his computer, so Nina dispatches her friends on different missions; Fabian has to try to convince Joy not to run the story, Patricia must apologize to Eddie, and Amber and Alfie must steal Eddie’s camera.


Eddie contacts Patricia’s sister, Piper and asks her about the nursery rhyme. Epissode tries to rescue Alfie from the crawl tunnel; however, she fails, and Fabian has to save both of them.

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Nina rwawakening some noises and goes up to the attic to examine. Eddie gives him KT’s key through the grate. Patricia hears someone coming into the tunnels and blindly searches for Sibuna.

Alfie opens it, making it possible to escape. Fabian is now unable to remember his own name; he even forgets who Nina is.

Meanwhile, Jerome is desperate to clear his debt after his charity scam fails and the P. Fabian makes Jerome reveal his plan to Mick and this makes it so that Amber and he are back together — at the expense of Alfie. Retrieved from ” https: Amber blows up with jealousy over Mara and Mick’s friendship and demands to change rooms, sharing with Nina instead of Mara. Mick rudely breaks up with Amber after she skips too many dates. Mara has a meeting with a lawyer and she learns she has inherited a dog.

Patricia gets stuck in the bathroom and accidentally stands Eddie up on their date. Sibuna plan to go down into the cellar to collect some of the elixir and to try to crack the latest clue.

Jerome awkwardly tries to avoid a young girl.