All we know for certain is that Saul is spiraling into the most fascinating character on the show. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Do we want a Homeland baby? Saul’s guilt only accumulates with the deaths of people under his care, and he begins detaching from his emotions even further. With Dana out of the picture, for the moment at least, this might be Chris’s turn to come back into focus, both figuratively and literally. He agrees to follow Carrie’s proposal and meet later in the day at a specific location. This is unjust, to us. The best part of last night’s episode is when our CIA dream team — Carrie, Saul, Quinn, Max, and, inexplicably, Farrah we were under the impression she was a forensic financial analyst, but some of the scenes show her offering advice on finger-printing cars and other non-financey stuff, and most scandalously of all:

She compels Jessica to allow her to change her last name from “Brody” to “Lazaro,” Jessica’s maiden name. Retrieved November 17, Tracy Letts is clearly enjoying himself in the devilishly Cheneyesque role of Senator Lockhart this season; there’s more consistently thuggish menace in the twitching of his nostrils and mouth than most actors are able to convey over the course of an entire career. Essentially the whole flowery backstory serves to inform us that Javadi’s capturing is more than Saul doing his day job, but a legitimation of his work at the CIA for the past three decades. But what they don’t add is that there are many blurry parts. What does Saul request after confronting a pale-faced Lockhart?

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I’ve gotta leave,” Dana tells her mom, as Episod runs through the house and gives Dana the last of what little money the family has left. Instead, it’s Saul’s idiotic and impulsive decision that creates some turbulence in an otherwise solid episode.

Writes should think out of the box and add the originality that Homeland used to have. It has realistic touch. Follow Aaron Timms on Twitter: Dar Adal Mandy Patinkin We kick off with Carrie recovering in a hospital. Related stories by this author. Jessica Morena BaccarinDana’s mother, becomes intrigued by this idea. Turns out that Brody is scheduled to be trained by the spec-ops unit in less than a week, initiating the second phase of Saul’s master plan: Factoring in the replay, the cumulative viewership was 2.


Carrie Mathison Nicholas Brody. And if Brody is the father of Carrie’s baby, that would mean that Carrie is approximately three months along, if we count back to the last time they had sex a few weeks before the Langley bombing, either in that seedy hotel room or at the Mathison family cabin.

Adal ambles through the exchange with an air of equivocal malleability, vaguely sceptical and vaguely conspiratorial at the same time, and the ambiguity of his characterization is an example of what “Homeland” as a show does best — taking superficially innocuous scenes in this case, the camera lingers on Adal as he pours Lockhart a cup of coffee and planting seeds of doubts in the viewers’ minds as to the exact intentions of the actors in them.

Where Saul’s unfinished business has to do with meeting Javadi face to face, Javadi’s unfinished business was making sure his ex-wife paid for escaping him back in Saul wonders why Fariba was there when she was supposed to be under witness protection in California. When will Dana’s misery ever end? This being “Homeland,” the producers tease us with this information but leave us to wonder: This season he’s receded even further into the background and is now almost totally blurry every time he appears on screen; last night he made one contribution to the episode, which was to provide some out-of-focus background color to the confrontation between Dana and her mother, and then he was de-blurred briefly so that he could put an emotive little wrinkle across his forehead, give Dana the droopy eyebrows and offer her a wordless goodbye hug.

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When the time comes for Carrie to meet with Javadi he takes an unscheduled detour and before we know it he’s at the house he was staring at in The Yoga Play. Remember that ridiculous burger-stain scene from the last episode? But it’s a quality that keeps us wrapped up in Carrie’s character. Carrie and Saul’s days at the CIA are numbered, applying pressure on them to act even faster. The episode wastes no time setting the stakes high: Should you tip with cash or a credit card?

It’s a fantastic and somehow deeply satisfying end to the episode, and even though Javadi lacks the nuance, as a character, of Brody he’s simply and straightforwardly eviland the show seems to have resolved, for now, into a more conventional thriller than it was over its first two seasons, it will still be interesting to see how Saul, Carrie and Quinn handle their new detainee next week. Instead, he drives to the house of his ex-wife, and proceeds to brutally javavi both her and his daughter-in-law he thankfully leaves his grandson still alive.


Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes. Share this Rating Title: Saul instructs Virgil and Max to watch his house after finding out that Lockhart taunted Carrie in the hospital about Caracas.

Adal, overexcited at the prospect of seaaon part of the CIA he grew up with, even lies to Saul about what he and Lockhart discussed. Carrie Mathison and company have always sneaky secrets tucked up their sleeves, but the revelation that Carrie is pregnant is a curveball anticipated by no one.

This episode seems very sloppy. There are so homelanv lose ends that writers must think of reconciling them. He does, however, reveal his knowledge about Caracas, which will later bite him in the ass.

Why is Farrah being included in these covert operations? It may very likely not be a simple Kramer moment, but a clever foreshadowing of a much more harrowing stain Javadi acquires this episode.

Brody’s going cold-turkey no methadone after javvadi heroine binge in Caracas, recovering in a spec-ops-operated Virginia military facility. There’s nothing like shrewdly done withdrawal sequences, training montages, and reunions.

For a single episode, it was a lot to pack in: We get the point: Don’t read on if you haven’t seen episode six — and if you’ve seen later episodes, please do swason leave spoilers. We don’t know what the hell she’ll be doing next in the name of her country and her mission to protect it. That whole thing with Mira wanting Saul to elicit some sort of reaction to having her new lover over for dinner sesson night before?

What does he do about it? Hand this man’s nostrils an Emmy.