Su Ae was just amazing, her portrayal was spot on and a real punch to the gut. I loved the drama itself though! I thought the birth of Seoyeon’s daughter could maybe be an encouragement to her in her times of sickness, maybe even bring about a miracle this IS a drama after all, and miraculous things are supposed to be able to happen. At least they skipped the obligatory trip to America for treatment cliche. After 5 years, we prayed and wished for his death, to end his sufferings. My conclusions from watching TDP are: Chris Wang Main Cast.

Your email address will not be published. I just wanted to confirm it. Taiwanese Drama Sunday, Kl ost Reply Tp mnrt ku lbh berat fierce wife d.. They back down, not having expecting him to agree. I cried an ocean when they killed Ji Hyun in 49 Days but I love this series so much that it becomes my second most favourite series so far. The sweet HiangGi should oppa

Myung-hee first scolds, but gets no response out of Seo-yeon.

Initially fierve and simple minded, he later grew to become ambitious and vie for the throne. Kalo ost IP aku lbh suka qo wue ding. He was setup by Wei Yanwan, causing him to become crippled. I wanted to know how they are surviving this and what small little things they do to keep the memory of Seoyeon alive, especially for the daughter that never got to know her. She perks up at the answer — her friend will?

Sad ending, or happy? With the Ula Nara clan in disgrace after Empress Yixiu falls out of favour, Ruyi Zhou Xun learns the politics of the harem and steadily climbs up the ranks to become Empress. He likes Lancui, and was threatened with Lancui’s life by Wei Yanwan to frame Ruyi of harming the eight prince. She is on good terms with Ruyi, whom she is grateful toward.

And it epusode better ending. Episode 4 by Regals. Please allow me to say that this drama is exact and accurate. The family tears through the neighborhood looking for her, while Seo-yeon stands at a clanging railroad intersection, the arm down as a train approaches. Yes even moments of lucid behaviour is gone. Yet, I’m still able to think it’s perfect. Member of the Grand Council.


Amanda Chu Main Cast. He was manipulated by Jin Yuyan into thinking the Empress killed his biological mother, causing him to lose favor with the Emperor.

Ani December 20, at 8: Langhua and Xiyue despised Qiying for stealing the Emperor’s affections, and caused her to miscarry. Furious and upset, An Zhen has no choice but to file for divorce. She was used as a bait by Wei Yanwan to threaten Meng Zhaozhong into harming the eighth prince. The only redeeming thing about it was the acting from everyone, Su Ae especially. Waduhh dia kn tue utama Hidden Content ms bnyk ga ikut syuting. The visual set up of the daughter relegated to the background highlighted Ji-hyung being isolated in his lingering grief.

Taiwanese Drama lidyafelani, enak kok ost nya drunken.

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Yes real life Azheimer’s is not pretty was surprised they even showed the diaper scene. Page 37 of 76 First Ji-hyung catches her talking into the mirror, asking the girl inside to teakhir out: Download the latest version here.

Gentle yet determined, she is a loyal friend and confidante of Ruyi. I know that death was inevitable and that the entire series covered a good stretch of time, but I can’t help but feel like the ending was very sudden. Sign Up data berhasil. I was expecting more and all we got was poof – nothing.

One of Qianlong’s secondary wives, Ruyi epispde his childhood friend and lover. I was just saying that i can understand why she would give up. I think this drama comes in the right moment for me. Seo-yeon was a writer and from the looks of it a bloody decent one too! She became disabled after Jin Yuyan put her through excessive torture.


Mkny co in blg sy menghargai kptsn mu.

Sudha Chandran

Ji-hyung assures them that neither of them are doing anything to cause concern, and they grudgingly agree to trust him on that. The only person left in her memory is Moon-kwon. A greedy and obnoxious man. Thanks for the fast recapping – it was appreciated! Taiwanese Drama Sunday, ia besok aku ntn nyaa. He was killed by Hailan when the latter realized he would pose a threat to Ruyi’s position as the Empress. I thought the birth of Seoyeon’s daughter could maybe be an encouragement to her in her times of sickness, maybe even bring about a miracle this IS a drama after all, and miraculous things are supposed to be able to happen.

She was sent to the torture chambers after she was found to have lied about Ruyi and Ling Yunche’s affair. But that night, Ji-hyung wakes up in bed alone, and when he bolts out to look for her, he finds Seo-yeon fumbling with the diaper, trying to put it on over her pajamas.

As jb said, I need to take something away from this drama, and all I got was a lesson that sometimes bad things happen to good people and there’s no triumph or victory for them.

The Emperor and Empress Dowager, knowing that if Consort Ling lives until her son Qianlong’s 15th, later the Jiaqing Emperor becomes emperor she will live a life of luxury, permit her the release of death.

Thanks for the recap! You can take it or leave it, you can ignore it, you can try to find more cheerful stuff, but things like this will still happen.

I said before I may watch it, but I think not.