Ear- lier speculation had suggested that the DOHC engine would be short-lived, because it bad been technically overtaken by the new L They were particularly dis- appointed that, it did not take. A last-minute appeal in Tunis yesterday from Dr Hiro- shi Nakajima, the organisa- tion’s director-general, that the ;PLO defer for a year its appli- ‘ cation for membership of toe United Nations agency, was rejected by Mr Arafat. Tbe aim of the scheme 1 was to create anew source ot risk capital which would help redress the over-concentration of venture capital funds and investments in London end the southeast of England. Mr Katsuya Dteda, The companies Chat have tested overseas arts sponsor- ship are happy with the results. Business policy semi- nar – Energy policy options for the European -Community Pursuant to tire resolution of the general meeting of shareholders of Arabian Oil Company, Ltd.

In this sea of uncertainty one should fell back on genu- ine fundamentals. Soch power of attorney eon be valid for no longer than one year uotn the date of isaae. Though toe invention, vividly projected here by GSDian Thoday, seems strong enough to stand alone, toe sceptical listener fa at a dis a dvantage. The British are slowing down their assistance and both the US and Canada have recently threatened to cut aid. With help from Victor With a Victor VP, you’ve got exactly the computing performance and reliability you need for doing business, anywhere, anytime In the field, on location, in transit, Victor’s VP is your PC holdall – ready with all your data: Their addition acknowledges Soviet concern both to enhance the status of world bodies like the UN and to put global eco- logical questions higher on the international agpnda On regional issues, the US is seeking to test the Soviet Union on such areas as Central America, the Middle East, Cambodia, the Horn of Africa and Korea. Docklands from May 15, with six return flights daily, against the present four daily return flights, Brymon Airways, the only competitor to London City Air- ways, has seven flights a day to Paris from the airport.

He also promised that free trade would bring jobs. Ie national consensus on toe issue cf folanrisation of Sudan.

Further action Further action on the deficit will probably be necessary, given the continuing rise in debt servicing costs. But by the time of the short amplified cello solo Curve with Plateaux the gan is made far laa specific, with each register of the instrument identified with pus distinct spiritual state.


Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. In West Beirut, fears are growing that the Syrians will continue their bombardment in order to prevent the Arab League force from coining. Their fUU potential may not yet have been realised. And even if not, tbe currency’s persistent strength in the face of growing evidence that the six year old US economic recovery may be nearing its end is turning out to be one of the big financial puzzles of Free trade was a watershed for Canada.

Call The Presentation Company beeduz and we’ll explain the anatomy of a presentation in detail.

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After police were called, the manag- ers left Two days later, they were tracked down at a major Seoul hotel, where bank staff occu- pied the room and demanded that management restart nego- tiations. You’ve clinched the aeaL On time, and on site. It was signed a few hours after Fiat had moved into new head- quarters at Slough, Berkshire, which will also house Lancia operations.

Germany: Hamburg

The first is the opening up of road- building to the private sector. But given international and regional attention, given the recent fall of several gov- ernment garrisons to the SPLA and the Increasing strain on the economy, the army will be watching very closely to see how Mr el Mahdi deals with the ceasefire offer.

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Three companies – Shell which backs the Artist’s Eye shows; Esso, the supporter of Art in toe Making; and Dixons, which pays to keep the gallery open late on Wednesdays in the summer, are greatly rais- ing their sponsorship thfa year. Bern- stein, Bartok, Beethoven. Finance Bill, com- mittee. Meanwhile, union leaders- representing. Subscription Price before adjustment: Congress must decide on the next president if no candidate haa an aiwiintig majority.

With a population of nearly 7m, Bolivia has propor- tionately the smallest elector- ate in Latin America This is because up to lm Ayznara ami Quechua-speaking Indiana Qve in remote areas outside the political process. One reliable measure of sew firm starts is the number of businesses registered for value-added tax. In April of that year Volvo s arrived. In feet, says Mr Stan- worth, a recent shady 3 has shown the opposite to be the case.


The councils will be expec- ted to use the national strategy as one of the starting points for their annual planning. The motorist would drive along until the clearly marked meter exceeded his Hpmanri th reshold. Existing attempts to ration by means of increasing the charge for time parked beside meters, or through the use of wheel- clamps, do not seem to have deterred large enough numbers of drivers to clear the conges- tion.

Mr Mulroney’s Government has done well to reject the eco- nomic nationalism which, under Liberal governments, has characterised the country since the early s, to the detriment of the economy and business. Gen ‘ Khairallah and his sister are believed to have taken TJday’s side.

New York Public Library Mon. Timur; FwdAiter Fax 3: Foreign brewers, whose brands are brewed under licence by many British brewers, are tipped as likely purchaflefcs of: It lies in open systems technology and total other manufacrurerstquipment.

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The page report has bear produced by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics, part of the Primary Industry depart- ment in Canberra. But consultants saw self-government as a major threat to health service provi- sion in a locality and to the overall spread of well-trained hnftpf tfll doctors. Hie capita] and surrounding regions account for more than one-third of the 2.

Just over a year ago it set up a department under John Nick- son to promote to business the message that the excellent rep- utation of British arts ensures that they can be used overseas as a bridgehead for business.

Birmingham City Council No. IXp Royal insurance 13p Schraders Carne- gie Hall Tue. The board said the flrtmriaTii’rig because ffiwBS fill- ing. FIAT, the Briton car maker. Iranian death call angers Palestinians Continued from Page 1 relations with Iran. London City Airways said yesterday it had acquired a fourth de HaviHandDtash 7air- craft for the Paris route and for its other sendees to Amster- dam and Brussels, of which is served by foot flights daily.