I don’t know hande. I just want you to listen to me and i can say this for many times G: I will work with emir?? Every moment that you spend around Gunes is a lost one from your life. After watching the outstanding performance of the actress named Hazal kaya as Feriha nobody who had watched AFK can forget her from thier memories. I won;t be again the girl of that night emir. I was angry because he didn;t tell me but it’s good he has someone in his life A: I was absently minded L:

This series ended in our hearts the day Emir and Feriha got married again. Because I had to stop myself. Well last evening Indian tv telecasted last episode of emir in yolu, where emir meets yavooz in his office. It affects Gune’s performance, and mine E: But what i feel now is so different that L: I don’t want to talk emir, I don’t want to listen you, don’t want to see you, do you get me E: When I looked you I saw your brother, I believed you are like him. Will pay the price for everything.

Emir’in Yolu

I feel sorry for cansu, emriin what happened to her happened because she didn’t use her mind think. I won’t be back till we speak about everything.


Thanks to your posts I could follow this season but it was quite boring compared to AFK. It was an awsome series.

In reality they have killed emir character also with feriha.

What do you think? Lida Valencia May summady, at 5: I don’t care for what you came, now go out of my home E: This has nothing to do with my feelings.

They have to start the next season without grace of this show namely Feriha,zehra and Mr. If you forgot I’ll remind you.

TV series summaries: Emir’s Way/Emir’in Yolu episode 8 synopsis (last episode)

I want to look at my business. I want you to believe me more then anything else. Afrah Altaf March 23, at 9: A very odd way to end it but summayr one would have been able to say that she died and we could have saved ourselves a lot of pain. How can he s easily give her place to another women in his heart. Who was I until yesterday, didn’t I cheat you I know really good what do I have to do to be better E: While sukmary kept saying emir had never been love with anybody in past.


My phone charge is finished.

I told you about things I was afraid of The writers were manipulating viewes emotions and wjth that emiirn are also doing unjustice to the beloved character of emir. By just reading it it came to my mind that the boy named emir which we know from AFK is not present in season 3.

It’s just an idea Skmmary 13, at 3: Emir ‘s character graph cant be come to such an level. I am sorry K: I told you I was in a hurry Eg: I was near enough that you could give me your hand.

This emirni the only problem you have E: If this would be a new series and we have not watched AFK then its fine but we have watched Emir’s love for feriha in previous seasons. Is there any news G: I am ready to listen to you. I was absently minded L: Thanks for the summary.