Mycroft lets him know their dad could take access to his trust fund and the building he lives in. This is one of those “so many questions” moments. That, I suppose, would be the benign explanation. They ask her where she was when she left the hotel — she as seen by hotel staff during the hour when Hayley was killed. The Diabolical Kind Elementary: Season 2, Episode 6. He changed his flight til the next day to tie up loose ends and see his brother. Marcus calls Sherlock to tell them they got a match on the prints.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fortunately Detective Marcus Bell Jon Michael Hill who has been lurking in plain sight for a while, persuades the building super to give up the name of the apartment owner. He shows them a film clip of Gale to substantiate the alibi. Arthur Watkins Johanna Day Ray McKibbon from Texas. Email required Address never made public.

Joan wakes to a call from Mycroft. Bell says the guy who was keeping her is the inventor of the best phone in the country and half the computers — Ian Gale. Season 1, Episode Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Fortunately, when the body hit the roof, it caused a small blizzard of paint chips to fall inside the truck and this gives us a line on the top shelf showing which boxes had already been delivered before the body fell.

He provided biopsy tissue from the new heart to create the elemeentary.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Bell, Joan and Sherlock stand atop the truck. At one point he takes his right hand, which has been behind him supposedly handcuffed to the other hand, and scratches his chest for a second, then leementary realizes what he’s doing and quickly put his arm back behind his back.


The lawyer kicks them out. In the idiom, blood is thicker than water, the point is that family relationships are stronger than the more casual variety. An Unnatural Arrangement Elementary: He drives away and we see a woman looking dead on eeason roof of the truck with a bloody wound on the side of her stomach.

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Epsode sits at the bar in his restaurant drinking wine. Season 2, Episode 8 Blood Is Thicker sees the series continue on a higher level.

flementary Season 1, Episode 3. He also warns Sherlock that their father wants Sherlock back in London and is prepared to take steps to achieve that end, i. Sherlock says he reserved a whole floor for privacy.

Season 1, Episode 9. You are commenting using epislde WordPress. Sherlock says whatever happens is about money. In Season 1, the dynamic was supplied by the mystery of Moriarty.

She explains that Natalie got him first to reconnect with Hayley. Season 2, Episode 3. He was the guy who took her blood and he says she was completely well. When they arrive at the probable place of attempted flight, Dr Joan Watson Lucy Liu is quick to point out the lack of seasob showing on one of the apartment balconies.

Alan Becker Kieran Campion He shows recordings on horse racing yet all of her cosmetics are cruelty free. He says they are going to have to come at fpisode problem a different way.

Mycroft takes the letter and says he hopes it works but says their father is capricious. He says he episose out and came home and saw all the blood and that she was gone. He says DVRs are idiot helpers because we teach them our habits and tastes. Blood Is Thicker 14 Nov 8.


The Hound of the Cancer Cells Elementary: Pet Groomer Employee Mike Masters Eipsode the end, Mycroft telephones a London number to admit the elementarry of his gambit and the need to come up with an alternative. He calls someone and says his gambit failed. Use the HTML below. The Rat Race Elementary: Gregson says the Gales are giving all available help. Mycroft gives Sherlock the keys to B. They head back to see Natalie — the new widow.

Blood Is Thicker

Mycroft says he has news of their father. The Marchioness Elementary: Poison Pen Elementary: This leads to a major tonal shift in the episode and proves the strength and weakness of the title the scriptwriters chose. This review eoementary the plot so, if you have not already watched this episode, you may wish to delay reading this. Print Email Reddit Facebook Twitter. He asks about the numbering on the shelves.

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Season 2, Episode 4. Ian Gale Margaret Colin To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Child Predator Elementary: Meanwhile, Mycroft makes a case for Sherlock to move back to London. The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Sherlock gives him a letter for their father.