Music in Epic Film: Busey does his usual bad guy stuff easily and is so-so and the rest of the cast are ok. This films requires too much suspension of belief to seem at all real. Michael Jeter, a rather quirky actor, does really well here; a most interesting characterization. View All Critic Reviews Gary Busey as Ty Moncrief.

Stunt Tower, which were based on the film. Tinsley Russell Williams II Was this review helpful? Edit Storyline A team of skydiving crooks led by DEA-agent-turned-bad Busey specialize in landing on police roofs and breaking in so their evil computer nerd can steal undercover agents’ files and sell them to drug lords. The bad news first: Pete believes that the assault may have been an elaborate prison break meant to free Leedy.

Its worth it to me to have in the collection. The sound effects in the ensuing fight have been reduced in volume.

Nov 13, Rating: Also Hans Zimmer’s score was great. The man of sound! Post Share on Facebook. Marshal Samuel Gerard and his team of Marshals are assigned to track down Sheridan, who has been accused of a double-murder. Drop Zone hatte ich noch nicht gesehen, daher lag er nahe.

But I’m seeing 4’s and 2’s in these reviews which is too low. It just seemed wesle far-fetched that all of this could happen and there just wasn’t any snipfs or suspense in the movie. Detective Fox Melanie Mayron There were the requisite number of explosions, chase scenes, and witty banter on the part of both the hero Wesley Snipes and the villain Gary Buseydelivered archly in the expectation that one of their ripostes might become a popular catchphrase.


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If the movie wasn’t already at the outer regions of believability there was a scene one of many far-fetched scenes where skydiving instructor, Jessie Crossman Yancy Butlerdecides to show the newby how hard skydiving is by dumping him out of the plane. Drop Zone was one of two skydiving action films released in December ; the other was Terminal Dnipes.

Wesley Snipes stars as a U. The idea of what’s going on is a bunch of hooey, and really, Wesley Snipes hasn’t drpzone a lot of good movies lately, so this one is starting to look better and better. One problem with this film however is that some of the effects are now looking a bit ropey.

Edit Did You Know? The skydiving sequences are the best and most exciting I’ve ever seen in any movie, and Wesley Snipes is hilarious in some parts dro;zone as when he skydives for the first time and screams the whole way down. The movie has some quite attractive photography and interesting music. The premise is ridiculous — really, a parachuting gang?

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Goofs In his first jump with his team, Nessip is mostly shown with an orange cutaway handle. Wescam camera Kenny Rivenbark Mike Milton Clark Johnson There is very good fighting and exciting action and incredible skydiving jumps in this picture and some of the scenes are very intense! Genres adventure action thriller. Michael Jeter, a rather quirky actor, does really well here; a most interesting characterization. Michael Jeter as Earl Leedy. Drop Zone 5.


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The 1st half is really good, but falls completely apart in the 2nd, and as i said i was rather ticked, snipez Snipes’s character,he was kind of a wuss, and this guy is an incredible martial artist!.

The story is daft of course, but it does allow plenty of good aerial photography and some good action scenes.

Big Man Passenger Ron Kuhlman Boss Film Marc Toscano Snipes sets off in pursuit and is signed up in a skydiving airport instruction managed by Yancy Butler with the aim to resolve the issue. Does it take you an hour to pick a movie? Please click the link below to receive your verification email. The cinematographer and the stuntpeople unless thats Sniprs in a free fall, which i doubt are the true stars of this wssley.

wrsley Eager to avenge his brother’s death and put both Ty and Earl behind bars, Pete recruits sky-diving expert Jessie Crossman Yancy Butler to teach him how to infiltrate Ty’s team of sky-bound criminals. If you are asking whether this movie is worth to watch, it is. The only reason I gave this any kind of “stars” is that the story moves well, keeping one entertained.

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The other actors do their jobs here, but don’t stand out. The Acting is very good. Sometimes, as often as needed!