Aashutosh tells him about Reshma. Meenal doesn’t pay heed to their advice and tells them that in any case Reshma would stay with them. Will Ana’s parents grace the occasion with their presence? Will Aashutosh speak out his heart to Kinjal? Sujay calls Ana’s parents to know about their location. Nagaokar complains for the loud noise that machine creates.

Later, Meenal too objects Kaivalya’s place to play the music instrument as it blocks her way. Kaivalya comes near Sujay to play his newly bought synthesizer. But most of all an unending journey of life-long friendship. He declares Reshma to be his new sister. Kaivalya goes to Aashutosh where he gets the similar treatment. Rakesh calls to Reshma’s father and asks him to send Reshma to Mumbai. All of them have come to Mumbai with a reason of their own and destiny has brought them together. Will Reshma apologize to Kaivalya?

Aashutosh grabs the container and eats all the Pohe. After understanding Reshma’s plight, Ana requests her male friends to allow Reshma to stay with them.

Aashutosh tells him about Reshma. Meenal, Anna, ReshmaSujay, Kaivalya and Aashutosh not only share the same flat but also share their lives with each other. When Meenal watches Reshma crying, she asks Kaivalya for the reason. In the meantime, Reshma’s roommates ask Sujay to speak to Reshma’s father as Rakesh.

She even considers relocating from the room. Will Reshma agree to come back this time? Aashutosh’s roomies learn that he hasn’t prepared any lines duniyadaxri be spoken to Kinjal while proposing. Kaivalya tells Ana that a new member would share the room with them. On her way to Mumbai, Reshma encounters 3 strange passengers; Kaivalya, Aashutosh and Sujay in the train.


Aasutosh tosses the beggar out of the house. Will Sujay continue to speak as Rakesh? Kaivalya and his friends realize that Reshma’s crying used to entertain them. He asks Rakesh to let Reshma stay with him for episod day.

Once Rakesh comes to the room, he learns that Sujay is speaking to Reshma’s father on his behalf. Ana too tells Reshma that she feels secure in the house. Ketan and his parents come to Reva’s house to discuss and confirm the marriage of Ketan and Reva.

In the meantime, they get to know that Reshma too hasn’t watched Duniyaeaari yet. Ana suggests her to go to her room. Will Reshma stay back with Meenal? They bet and decide to make Reshma cry.

Dil Dosti Duniyadari

Ana spreads the news to all the roommates. Will Aashutosh speak out his heart to Kinjal? All requests Kaivalya to sing a song in the evening but he agrees to play dosit guitar tune.

Excited Aashutosh tells his roommates that today his beloved Kinjal is going to meet him. Later in the night, she again comes across Ana.

Dil Dosti Duniyadaari – Episode – December 19, – Webisode – video dailymotion

In the night, when all are asleep, Reshma and Ana decide to watch the film, on Sujay’s laptop. Sujay asks her to pay the complete amount. The boys explain Reshma importance of life and ask her a promise to never cry in the future.


Reshma leaves the house and goes out on the street. Meenal and Reshma decides to leave the place. Kaivalya, Aashutosh and Sujay find Reshma crying and helpless in her room. Episoode introduces Reshma to her roommates Kaivalya, Aashutosh and Sujay.

Later, Sujay asks Aashutosh if he is ready with his proposal speech. Sujay’s piggy bank falls and breaks in front of his friends. Sujay overloads the washing machine with clothes of his roommates. From here begins a journey of evolving relationships, changing dreams, heartbreaks, countless moments of pain and joy. Will Reshma’s roommates succeed in their endeavor? She receives a call from duniyadwari father.

Each day brings about a new set of fun-filled expeditions for them.

Watch this interesting episode to know more. Kaivalya learns that his wrist-watch has gone missing. On the other hand, Meenal requests Reshma to not leave the place.

Dil dosti duniyadari

Aashutosh’s friends learn that he has gone to Rakesh’s house. Kaivalya tells Aashutosh and Sujay that he won’t share the room with Reshma.

Will Reshma apologize to Kaivalya?