Suddenly we heard a cry. I guess I came up with the weirdest excuse to see you. I heard a noise from the longue I whispered. The next morning I was woken up by Sbo barging Into my room Sbo: Maybe I should change my name to Mathata. I love you too babe.

Peter; nice to meet you Mrs Booi. There was a knock on the door. I never thought I’ll ever let a lesbian see my punami. Mntase you should keep the jewellery you got from Peter safe. As I was pulling out Ashley stopped me. I knew you were awake. Girls are usually the responsible one However we are filled with emotions and are very emotional beings.

They just were the best ever. I just stood there and watched her.

The day went by and it was time for the dinner. Retweeted by Zimi Mhlaba Iv been very busy with the audition preparations, I was therefore unable to post anything please bare with me, things can get stressful.

He made sure she had everything most women can only dream of.

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Can you not see my man is here? I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around him. As I was pulling out Ashley stopped me. Peter look into my eyes. I opened it and there was a key a remote and a paper. Sindy” yafana nje zabe endingxolela ngoba funeke egodukile Ma’asi” mxm la bitch must enjoy her time as Mrs Ndaba while it lasts cz I see ifuture kuwe noVuyani mna chomee ndifuna umyele kwa Mawawa umakhwapehni We come from the same hood in Ga-Kgapane, Tzaneen in Limpopo.


I started on the work. I listened attentively as Sipho told me his problems. Skip to content November 21, November 20, lisalightbooi. They say their goodbyes. She was practically on her knees while her head was between my thighs like a piglet on her mom’s breast. I heard a noise from the longue I whispered.

I quickly got off him and ran to the bathroom to wash my mouth. They are amazing too. Why didn’t she tell me she’s coming back? You know there are things that you tell yourself you will never ever do.

Vido got to Busi’s car. He kissed me ummakhwapheni I responded. She turned and faced him they started kissing Vuyani kissed and touched her so passionately,Vuyani made love to her intensely as if it where their first time Busisiwe was heavy breathing the sun was rising while she was moaning. He noticed and held me.

I heard a noise and I woke up. My name is Parker.

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I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around myself. Woolies has thee best chocolate mousse ever so I took some. I knew you were lf but to go sprain your ankle.


She had much longer hair than me and it looked natural. He followed after and got into the covers.

I held onto his hand and he had a heel in the other. I looked at Peter waiting to see what he was going to say…. I closed my eyes and felt his lips brush on mine. I must have taken five 6 packs of those chocolate milkshakes.

I wondered who she was. His hand calmed me down a bit. They left and we also went our separate ways. I was hoping to see them Monday when I went back to work. He went to kiss Sbo.

My uncle always warned me that when my boobs grow he will never allow him 10 metres near me, Little he knew was I had a ‘baby crush’ on him. Ashley; hey uhm I need to talk to you. Peter my heart no longer feels for him.

I smiled and hugged her tight. It’s disgusting and nauseating. Nam I still wish you could get back with him. Me; in town so I can get my hair done.