If the difference is small, it can be better not to do frame rate conversion which results in a change in speed. Find More Posts by Geoff D. Find More Posts by xinu. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Swanage, Engerland Blu-ray collection: Order by newest oldest recommendations. It would either introduce extra motion blurring, or require motion interpolation.

In fact, the movie as a whole has been picking up markedly better reviews than its predecessor did. In the digital domain one has to resample the frames. The box cover for the 3D combo pack of “An Unexpected Journey. HFR technology is only applicable to movie theaters. I only gave the trivial frame repitition as a conceptual example. Hollywood has been around far longer than television has, and Hollywood started filming movies at 24 fps long ago and has done so ever since.

Such a move had been widely predicted during the film saga’s lengthy production process, during which it expanded from one movie to hlbbit eventual three. I think someone else will have to make that movie, but it’ll be a good film to make!

Not more like 35mm film necessarily, but just to take the HD quality away from it, which I think I did reasonably successfully.

When television was invented, however, the TV industry was standardized at 30 fps meaning that all TVs in existence have been made for 30 fps. I think it bouray a perfectly valid question, BTW. Philips TVs First look: And that’s all they’re owed.

The bandwidth doesn’t come close to what you appear to think it is, so the suggested speed-up trick cannot work. Our article contains no spoilers other than those seen from the trailer. The Golden Globes Recap. An Unexpected Journey news.

Peter Jackson admits to ‘softening’ HD version of The Desolation of Smaug

The box cover for the au combo pack of “An Unexpected Journey. There are many excellent online discussions going on regarding this, and here is one of my favourites.


Boyens, who has worked on all six of Jackson’s films based on Tolkien’s tales of Middle Earth, added: It would either introduce extra motion blurring, or require motion interpolation. You’ve asked a question, and will argue with anyone who disagrees with your 50fps hypothesis. Swanage, Engerland Blu-ray collection: I will quote from that very page you linked to: Worst movie experience ever for me.

Send a private message to LexInHD. Feb Trading Score: Brisbane, Australia Blu-ray collection: While The Desolation of Smaug was screened for critics at 24fps in many territories, those who did see gluray at the higher frame rate have often remarked that the sequel has a much improved look.

I can’t believe this isn’t a thing yet same for LOTR. Movies have been shot in 24 fps frames per second or pictures per second for decades and even though movie theatres and TVs increase the frame rate typically by showing each picture between 2 to 6 times there is only new picture information 24 times per second.

And you would not speed up the audio, you would resample it.

Is it possible for this to happen? In fact, the movie as a whole has been picking up markedly better reviews than its predecessor did. Last year’s debut instalment in the New Zealand film-maker’s latest JRR Tolkien fantasy trilogy, An Unexpected Journey, was one of the first major cinema releases to be screened at 48 frames per blruay fps.

“Hobbit” Blu-ray 3D dazzles, though not in HFR: Review – McIntosh Trail

The answer is, simply, no; the movie does not include the HFR version. That being said, I personally hate it. Afu More Posts by Mobe Oct Blu-ray collection: Send a private message to Geoff D. Is the second paragraph pure speculation?


The Hobbit on Blu-ray at HFR?

Best media players List: Therefore there is no need to resample the audio when resampling the video. So there is no technical reason not to release a high frame rate Hobbit. Not all 3D showings are in HFR.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Despite the fact that the movie is only viewable at the standard 24 frames per second fpsit is still an amazing movie worth purchasing on Blu-ray. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

I know that may sound a little weird, but trust me- it looks cool. Find More Posts by chrisssj2.

The Hobbit in HFR (48fps) – our experience – FlatpanelsHD

Why do you think sports broadcasts look so smooth? The studio recently tried to take the matter to arbitration, but the Weinstein Company appears to have nipped that proposition in the bud with its legal filing in New York superior court late on Tuesday night.

Send a private message to chrisssj2. The Hobbit is one of those movies that warrants being purchased; the movie is so wonderfully immersive that to not watch it in full HD with surround sound would be a disservice to yourself.

While it is possible to have just about the same framerate as was used during the theatrical release, this obviously requires a trade-off although it’s taken me a couple of months to figure out how to describe it: