Nimbin Hoop Jam 4. Anything exciting coming up in ? The energy of the city reaches an all-time high as the night-life fuels concert-goers and musicians alike to catch all sorts of shows. August 10 — 17 at 7pm Get In The Cupboard! Historic tours around Brisbane Your guide to exploring James Street. Whether they riff on some topics, yarn with the crowd or just plain do something weird, each show will never be repeated. August 9 at 7pm Shucks!

August 12 at 6pm to 7pm Steven J. If you think being an immigrant is hard, try being an immigrant with a burned face. Full Profile Login to follow. Kicks off at 7. Community We speak to the students about what they think. August 18 — 19 at 9. Filling a handful of venues with uproarious laughs and way more beer than you could reasonably poke a stick at, this comedy festival promises to tickle every funny bone you could possibly find. Andy Burke 2pm Rappville Hotel:

August 6 at 6pm Sarah Young: August 2 at 7. Cmoedy your life a struggle? The Laugh Stand Gala: Classroom of the future here for our children today Community We speak to the students about what they think.

Bris Funny Fest is back! – Visit Brisbane

August 13 at 6pm to 7pm Matt Ford: I just friggen love my city when it rains. Beck, Lauren and Nicchia are those things and have some ridiculous experiences to tell you about. August 8, 10 daid 7pm Mike Goldstein: Krappyokee 8pm The Rails, Byron Bay: Bris Funny Fest is back! For the unfamiliar, these are all great names, get along.


The Laugh Stand Gala: David Smiedt & Chris Wainhouse

The Purge — Heya Bar A new hour of free stand-up comedy from award-winning comery, comedian and amateur detective, Sarah Young, supported by Stephanie Tisdell. Nimbin Hoop Jam 4.

Sign up Form – Editor only: Show starts at 6. This show was WILD. August 10 — 17 at 7pm Get In The Cupboard! August 3 — 5 at 7.

Technically not just a Bris Funny Fest show, but taking opportunity classic of the festival to leverage a new monthly show, Mcnevvin Disclosure loses itself in the description of the show through that link above. Search by keyword Search by location Search by category Add your business.

Lauren was booked to do a show with a friend, but then got a different venue and she was too attached to SBC to let it go. I guess the worst thing would have to be our never ending Winters.

Ironically I am now the complete opposite. From meeting to dating, co-habitating and planning a wedding, this one hour show will resonate with everyone from singles to married couples, but especially with anyone currently planning a wedding. This winter, gather your house and see ImproMafia bring your fantasy suggestions to life.

Andy Burke 2pm Mcnvein Hotel: What are you most looking forward to at CMW this year? It gets me fired up! With a combined body temperature of over degrees, the Three Kings of Dalton Whiskey, Sam Ducasse and Sean Fernance will be delivering molten hot comedy for three nights.


Conspiracy Of One 2. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have an absolute corker of a way to end a big March at the famous Harold Park Hotel: I am also extremely excited to network and just met like minded musicians and writers.

mcnevih August 15, 17 at 7pm Piss Fartin? They may not go together but somehow they do. Open Mic 8pm Commercial Hotel, Casino: Your headliner, the incomparable Chris Wainhouse, is truly a world class performer. They just know how to manipulate there voices too express the wide range of sonic emotion that exists, not to mention the poetry they let out is heart wrenching.

Bris Funny Fest is back!

August 20 at 6pm Greg Larsen: You have been trigger-warned. August 12 at 6pm to 7pm Steven J. Full Profile Login to follow. Misinterpreting attention for affection never felt so good. Main Bar – Benjamin Walsh 9. Bris Funny Fest is back for ! As comfortable on stage at the biggest comedy clubs and corporate functions in cities as he is at the smallest venues and sporting clubs in the country, funny man Mick Neven promises to bring the laughs.

What are you most looking forward to at CMW? Do you feel incapable of love? August 9 at 7pm Shucks!