Swayam says he is. Welcome, Login to your account. Rey says the break up was a drama. Taani are VP are on a talk about. The team completes the rehearsals and moves from there. Yes she loves me. At a time relationship was important and now its breakup. What I heard yesterday is it true.

She calls for a team meeting to inform. Like 0 Dislike 0. Rey sees for Taani and thinks that she does not bunk classes but where are they. Yes she loves me. VP says that first he used to tell this to Rey but now he is telling her. The team is walking towards the rehearsal hall when the boys ask how is Swayam participating in Jashn. On Jun 19, Vicky says they need to do something as a theme.

Swayam asks we are official now can I ask you something. Its Enough of hiding it from the rest and from ourselves. Kitne time se wait kar aha tha tumse yeah kehene ke liye. Rey is outside Taani house. Mine is yet to begin. A password will be e-mailed to you.

Both receive message that makes them come out of their world and both see it as a message from Taani calling for a meeting.

Rey thinks finally she has notices him and says he needs to speak with her. Taani says she is not a Kid. Taani are VP are on a talk about. He takes flul red rose from inside his jacket and gives it to her. Sharon says what more. Welcome, Login to your account. The team is in rehearsal hall when Swayam is seeing Sharon and Smiling.


Last updated Jun 20, Like 0 Dislike 0. Rey says its all Tashn.

epsode VP says that first he used to tell this to Rey but now he is telling her. The class is on progress when Rinni and Simmi make fun acts.

This was the time he was waiting. Neither love nor hate cause you mean nothing to me. Did you mean it Sharon. Swayam calls Nilesh and asks do you remember the routine we both prepared.

He joins both hand and says from behind that he Loves her. Rey says he loves her. Taani repeats it when they all jump in excitment.

Just then the team comes back and says they need to change. The girls started rehearsing few steps when Swayam came near Sharon and told her that if she acts like this all ill come to know. At a time relationship was important and now its breakup.

Taani says she dio fine and is not nervous.

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Taani and Rey dancing while Taani scolds Rey after that. Taani asks sarcastically drama. Nilesh asks whats the use we are not into the finale. Rey shows his hand and when Swayam reads he comes to know it is from Rey.

Rey says I though this break up will affect you but seems not. Both Taani and Rey are the same. Swayam says why did not you let me know even I would have changed accordingly. Sharon nods her head. He says he has to tell her something and cant wait more.


Diwali Dhoom 17th October 2014 Part1

Taani ask you know sir. Rey deciding to impress Taani.

May be you will regret it later. Sharon asked what will they come to know. The background song is Chayea tum kuch nah kaho. The president of the team comes in and greets.

She has taken strand for the truth and will stand by it. Nilesh says if they had not called it would have been an issue but when dosri called it shall not be much of an issue. Rey asks about is she tensed Taani says she is not. Taani speaking with authorities of NDC.

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She has written the blog and she will have to face it. Rey is stunned and still in RH while Taani moves out. Rey says no like always her rooms window is open. Kal jo maine suna tha kya woh sach tha.