Scrap Hota definitely, SS way better. Anyone who stumbles in here please add me, I don’t have nearly enough Barb friends. What can I do? PM me if I haven’t responded in a couple of days. In this Diablo 3 Crusader build for patch 2. Herald of the Archfiends , Dec 20, In this video I go over the build, gear, paragon points, solo a Greater Rift, and talk about limitations and possible solutions. How Items Drop 0:

I am actually just getting into it myself. Hi Imoiran Just wanted to say thanks for keeping this script alive: CotA is for typing. Thank you for this, finally found script that works. Originally Posted by Deldavala. As the topic name already mentioned, I really need strong Barb friends to help carry my through Aigaion and Malboro Best of all is what this does for the game as a whole.

Most FAQ on my stream – Quick guide! Did I miss anything? Welcome to our site! Completed 55 in Check new recommended fastmode settings.

[Diablo 3] Insane Dps Crusader Build – Condem watchmoreclips

Interested or play the JP version of ffbe? The fixes to the original script are greatly appreciated! I made a couple updates today for version compatibility. Is this script able to run this yet? Turned on Channeling feature so WW stays locked onto target.

So, you can nearly spam full fury boulders. Sprint — waste of skill slot, it give you almost nothing. I just think too many people focus on the progress other people make and complain that they cannot be like them, instead of paying attention to their own progress and try to actually have fun.

Over a course of five hours I’ve seen a goblin in Leoric’s Passage only three times. Once your gear is very good you should have no problem consistently clearing even 46 grifts.


PM me if I haven’t responded in a couple of days. Your name or email address: I think you’ll like it. But i also do not want to bot to being able to have fun while im playing.

Add Call of the Ancients and change recommend build V3: I hope you enjoy the video and stay tuned for more.

Diablo 3 – PTR 2.1 – Barbarian Raekor’s Lightning Furious Charge Build

You also need to realize that if these players bot its only for when they sleep to be competetive. Avoid affixes Deprecated field: The greater rift fishing: It was probably just an error by Imoiran when he converted it chiner 1.

Wouldn’t this be the best gear overall for a charge barbar? Eliminated all sources of “skill not ready” I could find not related to low fury – there is one instance that I built a safeguard for in relation to low primary resource. Types of Builds Supported: Make sure you don’t have WW assigned to the LMB and that you are on the most recent version of the bot.

Shield Bash is locked at 1 APS…: Keep the feedback coming because I am actively tweaking the script. Added Ground Stomp V Thank you for this, finally found script that works.

Avoid monsters Deprecated field: Do you maxed out your barbie LB? Originally Sdason by Djriff. Dec 19, 6. Seems like we’ll end up making a Barb Multi-Build before long. I know there are a lot of charge guides out already but wanted to give my thoughts on the build after reaching top ranks in season 2 In season 2 the barb synergizes extremely well with monks using the new Gungdo Gear bracers, causing cascading explosions to monsters grouped up with Exploding Palm applied.


Im sorry if you guys couldn’t add me because I’m full If anyone is interested i have my Barb set up for Marlboro.

Lots of people expect to reach the same levels by chaineer public games with their characters and then finding only ish paragon ones. You should see more charges across the width of a pack. You should even ignore last elite if no other mobs around. I need that barbarian in my life!! Please vote here to have a nearby Pylon or Shrine take priority.

Just a quick refresher on the forum rules, discussing botting in a context like this is fine i thinkhowever if people start listing specifics you may receive an infraction.

Did you by any chanse play as an Undead Warrior at the server Ravencrest at level 60 in World of Warcraft? Battle rage can be used to heal yourself when ignore pain is up, but keep in mind if you have a Channeling Pylon then battle rage costs zero, so it will not heal you, sometimes cchainer best not to grab one of these if there is an elite nearby you might need healing for.

Have you tried the build with vile ward and using an Ik weap considering the buff to 2-handers? Furious Charge range has been increased now that movement is more responsive.