Slinkman and Raj confront a haunted coffee table that was apparently damaged by Lumpus. Get Known if you don’t have an account. The first episode of Season 4 was chapter four in the Cartoon Network Invaded event, which originally aired on May 25, He has to get it immediately before sunset, but it turns out Slinkman made the story up in order for Lumpus to get out of his new portable chair. Poor Samson, nobody notices you. Describing the episode as “basically Samson fighting with Raj,” Murray said that viewers “never could” realize that Bennett was “jumping back and forth fighting with himself”. No, not another camper, but a parasitic leech that is stuck to his head! Scoutmaster Lumpus tries to hook a fish in Leaky Lake, all the while trying to keep Lazlo, Raj, and Clam—otherwise known as the Jelly Bean trio—as far away as possible.

Should I get the pliers again , sir? Lumpus discovers that by using wet paint instead of clothing , he is finally free from the bondage of laundry. Lazlo, Raj, and Clam become famous throughout camp for making outstanding hot dogs. Lumpus brings the Jelly Bean cabin scouts on a camping trip, using a historically important tent passed down from Lumpus’ great-grandfather. When Slinkman goes on a candy confiscation rampage, Samson uses his chemistry set to make candy, with disastrous results. Lumpus initially likes his new attitude, but when Lazlo becomes too much like Lumpus, Lumpus consults with Raj and Clam to return Lazlo to his delightful, optimistic self. This is the list of episodes of the Cartoon Network animated series Camp Lazlo. The story is told by Raj and Clam after all of this.

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The Jelly Beans are down in the dumps because they do not have horses at camp. Under request of Mr. Lazlo attempts to have fun with Lamar the sea lamprey until it sucks away Lazlo’s blood. Edward fakes a yeti attack when his radio show does not geans any listeners.

Webarchive template wayback links Episode list using the default LineColor. Scoutmaster Lumpus’ parents fail to visit on Parent’s Day, so Lazlo and Raj masquerade as his parents to cheer him up, with unexpected results. It is about the rull of Lazloa spider-monkey; Rajan Indian elephant, and Clama pygmy rhino who, along with other benas like Edwarda platypus, Chip and Skipa pair of dung beetles, and Samsona guinea pig, go to Camp Kidney for scout-like campers. After winning a baked bean eating contest, Lazlo realizes that his stomach is getting gassy.


Edward’s secret doll, Veronica, is discovered by the campers. In order to stop this Edward needs Lumpus’ nose hair. However, Lumpus has to learn how to ski by Lazlo, much to the scoutmaster’s dismay. Campers All Pull Pants Feb 18. Lumpus is shocked to see that Lazlo has accidentally discovered the secret handshake of the Legume Council. However, the Jelly Beans think he has a cannon and wants to blow up the moon.

When Samson goes overboard vacuuming the camp, the result is a disaster for the Dung Beetles.

Mucus leave for vacation, but he does not seem to be doing well at his new job. Samson instantly feels disgust when Chip and Skip dirty his cabin. Lumpus sends the scouts on a wild-goose chase after a snipe.

On the day of his birthday, Edward isn’t officially recognized to be older until 6 P. This year, he’s determined to find out who it is! This is the list of episodes of the Cartoon Network animated series Camp Lazlo. Murray said in an interview that when he brainstormed to determine the song for a luau scene, he could not select a song.

Lumpus, not being permitted to read the paper due to camp rules, thinks they wrote something bad about him and becomes obsessed with reading the paper. When Lazlo finds a wig that he thinks gives him clairvoyancehe takes up job as camp fortune teller.

Lazlo wins an award, but the other Bean scouts grow jealous. Due to a mailing error, Slinkman receives the Squirrel Scout Handbook, in which Camp Kidney turns upside down with fhll the new rules. canp

Lumpus is misled to believe he is 35 pounds underweight, leading him to go on a hunt for a lard-a-doodle bird. Retrieved from ” https: Now has a character page in need of some Wiki Magic. Raj’s marshmallow addiction has him in a sticky situation. Raj panics when he loses his retainer during a canoeing excursion, and Clam and Lazlo try to cheer him besns. Lazlo, we’re standing in Prickly Pines nakedand the moose we thought was our scoutmaster just got hauled off as a deranged caamp to a funny farm.

However, they seem to be more interested in playing a pinball machine instead of actually addressing complaints. While Chip and Skip’s filthy cabin is being fumigated, Slinkman tells them to stay at Samson’s tidy cabin.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. With their search failed at Camp Kidney, the aliens hope to get luckier in their search for cheese in Acorn Flats, where the Squirrel Scouts are preparing the annual Cheese Festival. Scoutmaster Lumpus tries to get closer to Ms.


Camp Lazlo, Vol. 2

And when Raj goes in the lake to give the mermaid a piece of his mind, he falls in love with her, too. The Bean Scouts discover Camp Kidney has a radio station and decide to put on some radio shows. Lumpus initially likes his new attitude, but when Lazlo becomes too much like Lumpus, Lumpus consults with Raj and Clam to return Lazlo to his delightful, optimistic self. When Lumpus is getting eaten by a shark, they realize that they must help him and get him out of the card before catching a mighty gigantic fish.

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Things go out of hand when Lazlo makes the awards out of toilet paper. Every year on June 9, someone pranks Lumpus. The story is told by Raj and Clam after all of this. Edward earns enough badges to graduate from Camp Kidney to Tomato Camp, but after watching images of the camp, he decides that he does not want to go. A two-part episode involving the Bean Scouts putting on a play about seven deadly sandwiches, with Lazlo as the director.

When she does not beat Lazlo, Commander Hoo-Ha will inflict a harsher punishment on him. The day before Lumpus’ big speech to Grand Legume Counsel, the Jelly Beans are forced to sleep in with Lumpus after their cabin flies away from a science experiment gone wrong.

Get Known if you don’t have an account. The hottest day at Camp Kidney is making life there miserable, at least until the Jelly Bean cabin brings an air conditioner from Prickly Pines back to camp.

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The Jelly Bean cabin befriend a garter snake, which gets loose and goes on a mad rampage. Cartoon Network believed that Lazlo should be established as a character “without a leech stuck to his head”, so the network broadcast “Parasitic Pal” about “4 episodes in”.

Edward’s plan to finally beat Lazlo in the big canoe race by cheating takes him and the Dung Beetles on a shortcut to Loserville. Lumpus believes that Commander Hoo Ha is going to “give him the axe”.